Physical And Mental All Natural Energy Drinks for Men Who Need That Extra Boost

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Most men find themselves at the end of a long work day either drained of energy from physically demanding based work, or mentally drained from sedentary based work, either way, each type has its depletion and stress ratios which over a prolonged period, will impact negatively on one’s health.
Unfortunately, most men unknowingly attempt to replenish or substitute depleted energy and nutrient levels by consuming unhealthy acidic ingredient based energy drinks which compound the problem of maintaining overall good health long term.
Science has found through test studies the following findings

One 16 oz. can of soda acidify the entire blood stream negatively
Energy drinks raise the percentage of serious health problems significantly
Red meat contributes to high incidence of cancer
Starchy and sugary foods decrease life span
Table salt increase blood pressure to dangerously high levels
Chemicals ingredients in food reduce life expectancy
Processed foods increase health deterioration
Tap water is high in heavy metals and other environmental poisons

A man’s health is his greatest asset, and by any measure, it is found that most men do not focus with any commitment, the adoption of a healthy life style, my mission is to present key information to men regarding the importance of optimal health practices necessary to increase their quality of life. Much of the information provided is solely based upon research and personal experience, thus providing the reader with information applied by a thirty-five-year practitioner of healthy living.
Here are two absolutely powerful rejuvenation drinks which you can make at home to restore the body and brain bio nutritional balance for whatever physical or mental work routine which may deplete mental clarity or physical energy.

Mental Muscle Formula:
1 cup of goji berries
2 tbsp. of ginkgo Bilbao herb tea
1 tsp of pomegranate herb tea                                                      
1 tsp of super blue-green algae
1 sweet lime with seeds from an ethnic grocery store
4 drops of Siberian Chaga mushroom extract
2 tbsp. of raw unprocessed organic honey
2 cups of organic sweet fresh blue berries
Two organic Fuji Apples
2 cups of Alkaline water

Process: take the ginkgo herb, pomegranate herb, and place in glass jar with a metal top, add 2 cups of alkaline water and place the lid on the glass jar and place it in a sunny place for twelve hours, move it to another sunny place to make sure of twelve hours of sun light …
Soak the goji berries in one cup of alkaline water for twelve hours as well…
Juice the apples, blueberries, and goji berries together in a juicer, strain it and place in the refrigerator once the sun tea is ready…

Now, with your blender squeeze the sweet lime juice into the blender making sure that none of the seeds are in the blender, then strain the sun tea and add it into the blender alone with the juice of the blueberries, apples, and goji berries. Also add the Maca powder, honey, and algae to the blender with the two cups of alkaline water, blend the mixture toughly and enjoy this mental muscle beverage. The great news about this beverage, is that it contains more nutrients times one thousand energy drinks without any side effects, the ingredient form a broad-spectrum micro and macro nutrient base that goes far beyond the re-vitalization of the brain. You can also quadruple this formula and take it to work with you and enjoy it throughout your work shift.

Endurance Assurance Formula:

2 cups of goji berries
2 tsp RHODIOLA herb
1 tbsp. ASHWAGANDHA herb
1 tsp. of SCHIZANDRA herb
1 tbsp. of organic raw cacao powder
2 to 3 tbsp. of raw unprocessed organic honey   
1 tsp. of CORDYCEPS herb
1 tsp. of ASTRAGALUS herb
1 tsp. of HE SHOU WU herb
1 tsp. of Ginseng powder
1 tsp. of Organic ginger powder
Eight larger organic Fuji Apples
Eight Lager Sweet Mangoes
One pint of sweet blueberries
One pint of raspberries
Two tsp, of super blue green algae
Two cups of alkaline water or fresh coconut water from a green coconut not a carton!
Let me warn the reader, if you are not physically active, then you do not need this formula, it is intended for use in highly physical activity such as physical labor, sports, sexual excursions etc. or any activity which require endurance and energy.
However, it is also important not to overdo what your regular routine entails, the formula will greatly enhance your ability to perform what you would regularly do with greater clarity and agility.

Process: place all of the herbs into a glass jar with two cups of alkaline water in a sunny location for twelve hours with a metal lid placed on the jar…
Soak the two cups of goji berries in a bowl for twelve hours as well.
Once the tea is ready, strain it and set to the side, then juice the Fuji apples, blueberries, raspberries, mangoes, and soaked goji berries through your juicer or Bullet blender, then place the juice into refrigerator…
Now place all of the ingredients into the blender, this includes the tea, juice, honey, algae, ginger, ginseng, Macao, and Cacao powder into the blender and blend thoroughly.
Your Endurance Assurance Master Beverage Formula can now be enjoyed, you may prepare this formula three to four times the amount and take this formula to work.
Make sure that the formula is refrigerated when not in use, in fact, use a canteen for the formula and refill your cup as needed while working. For many of the herbal ingredients go to and
Healthy Living is Wealthy Beginnings

Bad Eating Habits in Reverse:

Replace sodas with coconut water, fresh juices, smoothies, and alkaline water
Replace energy drinks with Mental Muscle or Endurance Assurance
Replace red meats with Mahi, Salmon, not farm raised or GMO fish, also consider other deep sea fish or fresh water seafood        but not tilapia, or, eat more legumes, nuts and seeds
Replace starchy sugary foods with Quinoa Pasta, Quinoa Grain, Spelt, Wild Rice, Millet, Ethiopian Teff, African Village rice,        Flax seed, Raw organic honey, Raw organic Agave, Organic Maple Syrup Grade B, Medjool dates, Turkish Figs, Seeded          Watermelon, Stay away from seedless fruits and vegetables.
Replace table salt with pink Himalayan salt or Celtic sea salt
Replace process foods with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables prepared and made at home
Learn how to prepare fresh foods from different cultures and enjoy the variety of world cuisine
Replace tap water with Alkaline, Distilled, Spring, and clean filtered Rain Water

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