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An Expat's Boots-on-the-Ground Report

First off, let me tell you, I’m neither a dating coach nor a relationship expert. If anything, I’m an alleged subject matter expert on living life to the fullest, especially, reporting on world travel: Portugal vs Brasil.

Now, I’ve spent 90 days in Portugal before flying here to Brasil (at press time, I’ve been in Salvador, Bahia, Brasil for five weeks), absorbing the culture, customs and coochie—oops! I meant, history, not that sweet ‘n sticky thang. Hey, that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

Anyway, here’s my report on these two countries. The so-called good, bad and muh ph*ckin’ fugly.

The Women of Portugal

From Lisbon, the capital, to Nadadouro, the small but still interesting town, the women of Portugal are good looking. Not all, but enough of them to adequately pass the bar.

However, it’s important to note how friendly they are as well. Now rather if you, that traveling expat, are fluent in the language or, like me, a beginner, the ladies will smile without any attitude on the street most of the time.

Hey, it’s like everywhere else on the globe. Us traveling men have to gauge our immediate surroundings while simultaneously feeling out the opposite sex’s disposition, meaning we’ve got to understand and accept that the lack of knowing the native tongue will hamper our odds at meeting and greeting.

The Women of Brasil

To say that the women of Brasil are easy on the eyes would be an understatement. Now although, Rio was my first Brasilian city I visited (Carnival 2020), Salvador, Bahia, really has more of an African vibe, specifically, at least up to 80 percent.

Likewise, the Historical African District fully displays it all in living color. And I’m not just talking about the native ladies’ dresses; that is, the variety of shades they’re born with. 

In contrast to the females of Portugal, the chicas in Brasil are a lot more approachable. Even if you’re using Google Translate to push up on them, for the most part, they’ll oblige you. 

The Food of Portugal

Okay, now let’s give praises to Portugal’s seafood. Oh, yeah, it’s all that and a bag of chips. . . or batatas.

About five or six miles away from my Airbnb in Naradouro, is a small tourist town called San Martin. Bruh, let me tell you about the restaurants there.

Fresh fish, of all types, served up daily. And, yes, it’s sold at an affordable price. 

The Food of Brasil

Okay, by now, it’s quite obvious that I’m MIGHT be biased towards seafood. Ya think?

Uh-huh, yeah, it be like that sometimes, gents. My Brothers, please believe, when I tell you that I’ve tasted some of the most delicious fish, skrimps (aka shrimp), and even octopus in the Barra district of Salvador, Brasil.

When I’m out doing my early-morning cardio along the beach, I’ve witnessed scores of local fishermen out on their boats. Watching them row back to shore as the sun rises, is something to see.

And with the current exchange rate, the US Dollar goes a long way in buying breakfast, lunch and dinner. So, if you haven’t downloaded an exchange app to your cell phone, I highly suggest you do it prior to international travel.

The Cost of Living in Portugal

So, like I said at the beginning of this joint, I lived in Portugal for three months. One of the most important things I’ve learned was to get a NIF or Numero de Identificacao Fiscal (Number of Identification Fiscal). 

Basically, it’s a nine-digit number to track your spending. Also, it comes in very handy not only at the grocery store but even getting a gym membership. 

Moreover, applying for a NIF is mandatory to open up a bank account. Now if you’re not just visiting as a tourist, and desire to get residency, you’ll need to hire a local lawyer to assist you.

The Cost of Living in Brasil

Different country and continent; however, comma, same language. Only in here, you’ll need to get a CPF, the Brazilian individual taxpayer registry identification.

It’s the same as a NIF in Portugal. And it’s also free.

Likewise, if you want to get residency, having a CPF is necessary. Oh, and by the way, the overall cost of living is way more affordable than Portugal. 

Overall Safety on the Road

Now if you prefer doing cardio outdoors, like I do, then you’ll enjoy the bicycling/jogging path alongside the street. And with that, comes an unpleasant difference between Portugal and Brasil.

Rude as ph*ck drivers. Oh, yeah, I wouldn’t be doing my fellow Passport Brothers justice if I didn’t keep it a buck on this matter.

Warning: regardless if you’re walking, jogging or biking, you better watch out for people whom, for whatever reason, ignore pedestrian safety.

Have more patience than I do. What? You ain’t known?

Oh, I’ve allegedly flipped the American bird several times to crazy drivers since being in Brasil. Other than that, though, it’s an experience I hope you all will share one day.

All of the positive things I’ve mentioned, not the Death Race 2000 drivers! 

So, until next time, Brothers, please stay strong, watch your damn six, and whatever you do, don’t let anybody ph*ck with you!

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