PressVue: For The Inner Journalist In YOU!

Journalist in YOU
Do you have an inner journalist just waiting to come out? Do you like to write short stories? If the answer is “yes”, we would like to invite you to Pressvue.
As the media becomes more and more bias, the interest and the voice of the average guy is left with little representation and since our way of life is rapidly changing on all levels, the need for free flow of communication is becoming very important. Pressvue provides an alternative to the bias media and to the censored social media outlets, we also provide an unfiltered form of communication allowing us to truly express our views. More specifically, black men’s voice, opinions, thoughts and feelings are very often overlooked by all the major media outlet. Additionally, the notion of fake news is making things even worse.
Pressvue is the latest and greatest in social media. Members of our website can create surveys and submit stories of various topics, to include ongoing discussion about a particular submission. In addition to our unique features, we do not censor stories or posts unless they violate our basic guidelines. Our terms of use is very basic and our existing members have no issues with it.
We really hope that you will consider posting your stories online with We’re a great site and offer fantastic content from around the world. We pride ourselves on the quality and the un-bias nature of our content. Also, it is very easy to contact us and we respond to every inquiry.
We are currently working on our Android app and it should be ready very soon. Meanwhile, you can use your mobile browser. But the laptop version contains all features.
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