The Problem with Captain Sav’em

Look!  At the grocery store! Buying food for a single mother with 5 kids by 6 daddies!  It’s Captain Sav’em trying to be a superhero in a ratchet’s eyes!   We all know about Captain Sav’em also known as Captain Save A Hoe, White Knight, Mangina, or just that plain ol simp.   This is the man who tries to win favor with a woman by coming to her rescue.

This in itself isn’t a bad thing.   If it’s the man’s loyal wife, girlfriend, or family member, a man is supposed to be her hero.  Nothing wrong with that.  The problem is that these men try to be hero to women who are not related to him.   Indeed being Captain Sav’em is a strategy used as a tool of seduction by many men.   These men lack the ability to get a woman with charm or sex appeal.   Many don’t even have that thing called game.   So they try to be a knight in shining armor to women.   There are several problems with this.

A big problem is that they try to be heroes to women who don’t deserve to be saved.   If a man tries to be a hero to an outstanding woman who may have fallen on hard times I get that.  I might not personally agree with that but I get it.   Many Captain Sav’ems find a way to try to rescue some of the worst women as far as character.  All because the women are somewhat cute.  Notice I said somewhat.   The women are seldom all that.

That character piece is really significant.   Not only are many Captain Sav’ems going for women with poor character but these men essentially co-sign negative behavior by women.   A woman may do or say something that needs to be called out.  The Captain Sav’em will not only support jacked up behavior from women but will be ready fight any man who is willing to stand up and call the women on their bull.

Let be real.  Captain Sav’ems do what they do because they want sex.  The bad part is many don’t actually get sex from the women they are trying to save.   In some cases where the Captain Sav’em does get sex it’s not the best sex.  The woman may reward him after he paid the light bill for the third straight month.   It will be basic missionary sex where the woman is thinking about her taxes during the act.   Meanwhile once Captain Sav’em leaves the woman sends a text to Ray Thug who comes to the house and blows her back out.

True story.  A Captain Sav’em helped a woman put together an exercise machine in her home.   All Captain Sav’em got after doing all that work was a hug.  Once the good Captain left, the woman called over another man, Joe Ruffneck.   Joe made love to the woman right on the exercise equipment that Captain Sav’em put together.   The irony escaped the woman.

The thing Captain Sav’ems have to understand is that women have a dual nature.   The things they want from a man socially are not the same things they want from a man sexually.   Women may want a certain treatment from men in social settings.   They may even appreciate such treatment.   How a man treats a woman in social setting does not sexually arouse her.   The men who arouse her may behave in an opposite manner.

For example, while Captain Sav’em is being nice, heroic, and turning a blind eye to a woman’s negative behavior, Joe Ruffneck is being mean, villainous, and will call out the woman’s bad behavior with glee.   Women will be turned on by Joe Ruffneck because he has a backbone and his balls has dropped.  Women want a man with a backbone.   The reality is that women don’t feel like Captain Sav’em has a backbone.

Being a Captain Sav’em is not a good look for men.   It’s okay for men to take care of his wife, girlfriend, and family members who have already showed they love and appreciate him.  Being a hero to women who don’t care for him is stupid.


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