Professional Simp Damon Young Capes Up For Black Women By Calling Black Men White People

It’s one thing for black women to talk shit about black men. We expect it, it’s their M.O., it’s all they can to do sleep at night by pointing the finger at us as a reason for the deplorable state of their romantic, and financial lives.

But when black men do the same thing there’s only one conclusion to draw: You’re a fuckin’ simp.

Editor and Chief at Very Smart Brothas Damon Young penned a column on the left-leaning site entitled Straight Black Men Are The White People Of Black People.

In the words of Carl Douglas to Johnnie Cochran about Christopher Darden’s poor attempt at marginalizing black men during the OJ trial…

We’re getting shot and beaten like dogs in the street, vilified by the very women who create men like us in the first place, endure institutional racism perpetuated by the two most racist groups in America which is white men and black women, and consistently railroaded by the justice system and law enforcement community and this nigga has the balls to suggest that we as black men have some sort of privilege over black women?? The fuck you talkin’ ’bout bruh?

Let’s take a look at this pile of shit and break it down for all to see just how lost this dude is.

He acts like a female

“Like….you a good guy and all but….

Young gets off to a predictable start by using what I call “female breakup dialogue”. That is, the girl says something to the effect of “You’re a great guy and I love spending time with you and you make me sooooo happy!” in order to set you up for the “but” later on in her diatribe.

DY started his column out like a bitch who’s dumping her man by using the same strategy:

It feels counterintuitive to suggest that straight black men as a whole possess any sort of privilege—particularly the type of privilege created for and protected by whiteness. In America, we are near or at the bottom in every relevant metric determining quality of life. Our arrest and incarceration rates, our likelihood of dying a violent death, our likelihood of graduating high school and attending college, our employment rates, our average net worth, our likelihood of surviving past 70—I could continue, but the point is clear.

He tells us what we already know which is that black men in terms of the frequency with which we’re arrested, our incarceration rates, and deficient educational opportunities as a result of upbringing. However, he only points out the obvious to set up the most ridiculous statement that’s probably ever been written about black men:

But assessing our privilege (or lack thereof) on these facts considers only our relationship with whiteness and with America. Intraracially, however, our relationship to and with black women is not unlike whiteness’s relationship to us. In fact, it’s eerily similar.

So lemme get this straight…this dude thinks our dealings with black chicks are the same as our relationship with white people???

Fuck outta here with that. The relationship between black men and black women isn’t even close to that of our relationship as a people with Caucasians in America…not even close. In fact, most white people don’t hate black men. Yes there are white supremacists out there who’d love nothing more than to string us up Emmett Till style and chop off our balls to keep us from impregnating, yet, more white girls.

Black women would rejoice if we got the same treatment as this dude

But their numbers, though relatively small, pales in comparison to the percentage of black women who loathe black men with the seething contempt and rage of a thousand suns. I damn sure don’t need to tell you where to go to find proof. A quick Google search will yield endless results of black women expressing their outright hatred of black men for the simple fact that we don’t wanna fuck those angry bitches anymore.

For this idiot to even suggest that the relationship between black men and women is akin to the relationship between black and white America is not only ridiculous, it’s irresponsible. Caping up for black women in this way is borderline dangerous for black men.

Young doesn’t even have his facts straight

Damon further digs deeper into this shit hole he created for himself by making a statement riddled with inconsistencies and outright falsehoods:

We’re the ones for whom the first black president created an entire initiative to assist and uplift.

Wrong. Obama enacted Obamacare to help black women as they’re the ones with 4 kids by 3 men. Men almost never get full custody of a child had out of wedlock. Do you think black men could just waltz in and get Medicaid? Do you think our Obamacare rates are little to nothing like black women who only have to put down “black woman” and they’re quite literally handed health care without any problems or issues? Fuck no.

“Girl, I got my food stamps today! Let’s hit the club!”

Obamacare was just another tentacle of the welfare system that keeps black women as insufferable as they’ve ever been. Why the fuck should they give a shit about improving themselves when the government provides them food, shelter, money for utilities and every other conceivable advantage under the sun? We’re not the ones Obama tried to help. Black women are. And as I’ve stated before, white people don’t really give a shit about helping black people (which is perfectly fine).

Martyrdom is a privilege for black men??

Damon Young continues to make a complete ass of himself with this:

We’re the ones whose beatings and deaths at the hands of the police galvanize the community in a way that the beatings and sexual assaults and deaths that those same police inflict upon black women do not.

So what are we supposed to do? Thank the cops for beating and shooting us? Say to each other “Well ya know, it’s actually good that Jamal got shot and killed because now our community is coming together!”

I’m sure Rodney King feels so sorry for black women who didn’t get the privilege of experiencing what he did

This nigga quite literally called the reckless use of excessive and deadly force against black men by police officers a fucking privilege! As if it’s somehow a good thing for us to get shot and beat to a pulp by cops while it’s oppressive for all the poor, defenseless, black women who are “victimized” for not to be getting the same treatment.

That’s some ignorant ass shit and any man who reads and believes that deserves to remain ignorant.

Young overestimates our influence and buys into the “domestic violence epidemic” bullshit

We’re the ones whose mistreatment inspired a boycott of the NFL despite the NFL’s long history of mishandling and outright ignoring far worse crimes against black women

First off, there’s no boycott of the NFL. The Colin Kaepernick situation has caused not a soul to stop tuning in every Sunday to watch football. Further, his protest of the national anthem by kneeling hasn’t brought anymore awareness to the issues between the law enforcement community and black men. Everyone, regardless of color, is well aware of the problem.

Did it raise eye brows? Yes. Did it move the needle? Hell no.

Second, the NFL has pushed the bullshit narrative of the “epidemic of domestic violence” down the collective throats of NFL fans since the Ray Rice fiasco back in ’14. Between Roger Gooddell suspending players when women with rape-“he hit me” Tourette’s and ESPN hiring women every half an hour who are paid to do nothing but talk about how all men are violent woman beating rapists, the National Football League isn’t ignoring a damn thing except the false rape and domestic violence accusations against men and if you don’t believe me go ask Ezekiel Elliott and Garron Connely.

There’s no boycott and nobody’s ignoring anything pertaining to women. Period.

He actually believes what black women say

Regardless of race, all women are fuckin’ liars. We’re only just now figuring it out as the advent of the internet allowed people to share experiences with articles, videos and the like.

Like stated above women lie about being raped, being domestically abused, they lie about any and every situation. If they’re not flat out being dishonest, they’re lying by omission by not disclosing the entire story so as to avoid personal accountability.

I recently pointed out on TSR: Live With Donovan Sharpe that black women in particular lie profusely about their prospects on the dating market:

Despite all of this dumbass says this shit:

…and when black women ask us to give them the benefit of the doubt about street harassment and sexual assault and other forms of harassment and violence we might not personally witness;

This falsehood is similar to women who say “just because he was found not guilty doesn’t mean he didn’t do it!” Young would have us believe that if a black woman said it, then it must be true.

She says “He raped me!” Damon says “Lock him up!”

She says “He hit me!” Young says “Arrest him!”

She says “OMG I was harassed on the street!” This nigga says “Oh you poor oppressed black woman!”

He jumps to the rescue of liars without any proof or evidence to back up their claims. Meanwhile, black men getting shafted in court, beaten and shot by cops is all documented on video, in court records, and in the files within police precincts across America.

Look here, Dame…just because a woman says something doesn’t make it true. Wake up you fucking idiot.

Young absolves black women and their fuckery

…our ears shut off and hearts shut down when black women are pleading with us.

Young is 100% correct in this statement. When black women plead with us about anything, we ignore ’em because we couldn’t give less of a shit about what they say they go through. What he conveniently leaves out is the reason why we’ve checked out with black women.

Black women hate our asses. They talk shit about us on a daily basis and make it their mission in life to let the world know how “finished” they are with us. To be fair, we do the same but we’re not pleading with them to be concerned about our plight nor do we want or need their sympathy.

But they seem to need ours and Young pretends to be utterly perplexed as to why we’d turn a blind eye and deaf ear to what black women go through. The bottom line is that we’re not going to come to the rescue for a group of women who’ve made it clear through their actions and words what they think of us. Any man who does is setting himself up for failure, disappointment, and further criticism by the women he capes up for.

Fuck. That. Noise. They can deal with this shit themselves.


Damon Young is nothing more than a simp masquerading as a “very smart brotha” or a “woke dude.” Black women will praise and laud him for this pile of trash but they wouldn’t hesitate to stab his ass in the back if given half the chance. That’s how they are and that’s how they’ll always be.

This try hard pretentious article with all of its fancy word salad and big words is little more than a black man licking the collective vagina of the most racist, disrespectful, and scornful group of people out there who could not give less of a shit about the author or people like him.

Damon Young needs to wake the fuck up and salvage his manhood but I’m not holding my breath…

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