Proof That Derrick Jaxn Has NO GAME

Contrary to all the hype, Derrick Jaxn's "Game" was not only whacked, it was virtually nonexistant

An honest to goodness Christian conversion - or the King of the Select Fuckboys at it once again?
An honest to goodness Christian conversion – or the King of the Select Fuckboys at it once again?

“Solid Game: Game that is played with a high level of skill despite the outcome.”

It’s been exactly ten days since the news broke that self-anointed “self-love ambassador”, de facto “Black Love” expert and social media personality Derrick Jaxn has revealed himself to be the very Select Fuckboy that he had been warning the lovely ladies of Black America about all along, with not one, not two, but three such ladies stepping forward thus far to give their accounts about their trysts with Jaxn, confirming his marital infidelity (“Derrick Jaxn Apology for Cheating on Wife Sparks Wave of Memes, Jokes“, Newsweek, Mar 23, 2021; “Relationship ‘guru’ Derrick Jaxn exposed for serial cheating on wife“, New York Post, Mar 24, 2021; “Why Everyone Is Talking About Relationship YouTuber Derrick Jaxn’s Cheating Apology Video“, Essence, Mar 24, 2021). As his pecadilloes continue to reverberate throughout the world’s news and media organizations, Black America has some very hard questions to ask and some deep soul searching to do. Among them, the cold, hard truth that the way we’ve “done business” along dating and mating lines – the fundament of any community when one really stops to think about it – has simply not worked. Jaxn, is the proof himself: His own “way” or “system” for doing the “Black Love” thing, has proven to be a colossal failure.

While Black women have their own reckoning to contend with along these lines, for the purposes of today’s column, we must grapple with some things ourselves; quite a few Black men have heavily invested in the “style of Game” that Jaxn was the standard bearer for. We all know the template when we see it: “swole”, (usually) well dressed, tall in extremis (Jaxn is 6’5″) and more often than not, mouths all the right words the lovely ladies want to hear – a recipe if there ever was one that is sure to fail badly, I might add.

What I have come to identify as the “Jawline Negro Theory” – see the above paragraph for a rough definition, as well as my previous column “The Non-Select Guy’s Burden” (, Jul 28, 2020) – has, until now in the form of Jaxn who is trending on social media and news organizations worldwide. The “model” hasn’t actually been acid tested in real time before; all we had were assertions on the part of its proponents, especially online.

But now, thanks to “gossip tea” social media personality Tasha K, we can now assess Jaxn’s game to see if he really has it, to what degree, and if all the hype about “jawline niggas” is in fact true (“Exclusive | Derrick Jaxn EXPOSED for CHEATING on his wife of 4 years. Slept with her in wife’s bed“, YouTube, Mar 19, 2021; “Exclusive | Derrick Jaxn tells 2nd Mistress Wife isn’t GOOD IN BED! ( audio + receipts included)“, YouTube, Mar 24, 2021; “Exclusive | Derrick Jaxn CURRENT MISTRESS is PISSED & Tells All! ( audio + receipts inside )“, YouTube, Mar 24, 2021). Your correspondent has been able to obtain copious amounts of text messages from Jaxn to the first two of his mistresses, in addition to their on the record testimonial tell-all interviews with Tasha K with all three of the ladies in question. After reviewing all of the evidence, I can say with complete confidence, that Jaxn’s game was weak at best (“Derrick Jaxn CHEATING RECEIPTS“, available via Tasha K’s Patreon, Mar 19, 2021).

As the en vogue saying goes these days, I’ve got the receipts.

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Before I get to those receipts on Jaxn, it is very important for me to punctuate a powerful point that is assiduously avoided among Black men, but is known and accepted among all other men in the country (and indeed, the world): That, in this life, men can, should and indeed MUST compete, against other men, for EVERYTHING. This would include status, resources, and yes most of all, women.

But while other groups of men know and understand this, Black men in general – and those “jawline niggas” and Select Fuckboys like Jaxn most of all – conspicuously avoid any kind of direct or even indirect competition against other Black men. This was always the case with Jaxn, who flatly refused to address his Black male detractors and critics over the past five years that I’ve been aware of him on social media.

That is, until “Saint Kevin” Samuels came along.

Samuels’ meteoric rise to internet fame between spring 2020 and early 2021 made Jaxn sit up and take notice – and when he began to lose marketshare (read: Black women) to Samuels, he began taking “subliminal shots” and “sneak disses” at Samuels in his videos. Indeed, combined with the facts that we now are aware of regarding Jaxn’s personal life, we can now see how the pressure was mounting for Jaxn and he acted accordingly – that is to say, badly. As always, tough times don’t shape or mold character – it reveals it – and Jaxn’s actions over roughly the past four months or so, have proven what I’ve long suspected: That he’s an empty suit, that he has a glass jaw, that he’s a paper tiger.

Jaxn has been challenged by other Black men in the digital public square, and until Samuels’ sheer force of numbers in terms of subscribers, followers, views, clicks and likes compelled Jaxn to offer up weaksauce defenses, he was literally protected by Black women – the very definition of “hiding behind a woman’s skirt” – and completely runs counter to Brett McKay’s excellent piece, “The Three P’s of Manhood” over on “The Art of Manliness” website:

“When it comes to excellence in the 3 P’s — talk doesn’t matter, results do. You have to put your money where your mouth is, and thus competence in all the manly pursuits must be demonstrated in the public square and affirmed by others. You must be willing to sally forth into the fray, to compete with other men, and show how you stack up against them. A man must be “in the arena.” For this reason a man who is a homebody, who avoids public contests, and desires to spend most of his time with wife and children is considered effeminate. As Gilmore puts it, “One wins or loses, but…one must play the game. The worst sin is not honest failure but cowardly withdrawal.””

What we learn through Jaxn’s shameful example, is that those Black men who for whatever reason fail to compete against other Black men, do so because they know deep down THAT THEY CAN’T. And that, more than anything, should be a huge red flag.

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With the above out of the way, we now go to the evidence that proves without a shadow of a doubt, that Derrick Jaxn simply has no Game whatsoever. Let’s consider three strong pieces of evidence, shall we?

1. DERRICK JAXN HAD “ONEITIS” BAD: Jaxn’s first mistress, Candice De Meneiros, a Black woman of Ghanian, Portugeuse and Dominican descent – in other words, she’s what would be considered an “exotical” with “Instagram Model Grade” looks. Jaxn had known De Meneiros since 2009(!) and at one point in their more than a decade long association had even asked her what kind and color panties she had on – but couldn’t close the deal. Mind you, this was years before he would finally wed his wife at present, DaNaia (they wed in early 2017), and it was clear that he still very much wanted Candice all those years later. We’ll get to what was the decisive factor in him doing so in a bit.

But first, we have to appreciate that Jaxn had what pickup artists call “oneitis” – which is defined in the following ways. The popular website and Pickup and Game resource website says:

“A “disease” (hence the ‘itis) where a man is stuck on one girl and feels that she is “the one,” usually to the detriment of having any romantic relationship with her.”

Neil “Style” Strauss’ New York Times bestselling memoir “The Game: Penetrating The Secret Society of Pickup Artists”, gives two definitions of the term “oneitis”:

“1. an obsession with a girl whom one is not dating; pickup artists believe that such an extreme fixation on one woman significantly lowers
a man’s chances of dating or sleeping with her. 2. a girl with whom one is obsessed.” (pp. 444)

It’s telling indeed that the very first woman that we’re aware of that Jaxn would step out on his wife on, would be a woman that he was clearly pining away with for a solid decade, isn’t it? Oneitis, anyone?

2. DERRICK JAXN’S TEXT GAME WAS TRASH: According to two extensive text message dumps available from Tasha K’s Patreon, Jaxn sent a combined NINETY text messages to the first two mistresses who’ve stepped forward. In the case of Candice De Meneiros, there were exactly 57 text messages exchanged between them, where it is clear that Jaxn was supplicating to her (a major no-no when it comes to “text game”), with numerous offers on his part to have her “flewed out” to Miami and Tunum, Mexico to mansion and yacht parties, complete with lodging, food and drinks – AND giving De Meneiros in excess of $1K USD in cash(!). NOWHERE in the annals of Game & Pickup does such a thing occur – and if the former RooshV, Chateaur Heartiste or Neill “Style” Strauss – to name but a few – were to get ahold of the aforementioned text messages, they’d have Jaxn flogged. If you don’t believe me, consider Heartiste’s excellent analyses of text game on his website: “Text Game: When To Give Precisely One Fuck” (Jan 13, 2016); “An Analysis Of Text Game” (Sep 25, 2010); and “Your Daily Text Game” (Sep 24, 2018), get those “text dumps” from Tasha K, compare and contrast, and see if you agree with me that Jaxn’s text game was utter trash…

Before I move on to the final and decisive piece of evidence that Derrick Jaxn’s game was indeed for the garbage heap, I’d just like to take this time out to emphasize the role that resources play in procuring the honies. As Jaxn’s own life and times bear out, the hottest woman he’s ever had to date – Ms. Candice De Meneiros – cost him a pretty penny. Such is the way of exceptionally hawt chicks, especially in our Instagram Age – lovely ladies like Candice “know their worth” and demand their price – and Jaxn was only too happy to ante up.

Compare and compare to his second and third mistresses, neither of whom come nowhere close in terms of attractiveness, especially facially. As a New York Times piece confirms over a decade ago, when men are considering a woman for a longer term mating option, not only do their standards rise considerably higher than for merely shorter term trysts, but their focus shifts from a woman’s body to her face as the key physical criterion (“For Long Term, Men Favor Face Over Figure”, Nov 5, 2010).

It may be harsh to say, but all women, in this case Black, are NOT created equal; those who are more attractive, especially facially, will be able to field more lucrative mating offers, both shorter and longer term; while those who are “buttafaces” will receive fewer such offers – as both of Jaxn’s other mistresses, again, bears out.

Bottomline: Beauty Costs, gentlemen. There’s simply no doubt about it!

3. DERRICK JAXN LIED TO WOMEN: This is a very easy and simple statement to make, given that arguably millions of Black men have been saying the exact same thing about Jaxn for years over the course of his infamous career as a “self-love ambassador”. But in light of the recent revelations of Jaxn’s cheating ways, this section is only that much more highlighted – and directly flies in the face of even the most basic principles of Game (I should also like to point out the sheer and delightful irony here – Jaxn confessed to his serial cheating ways in an entire trilogy of semi-autobiographical tell-all novels, titled so appropriately, “A Cheating Man’s Heart” – you can’t make this up!).

For example and again turning to “The Game”, we find in its glossary section a definition for the term “Managing Expectations”:

“to let a woman know before sleeping with her roughly how committed a relationship one intends to have with her, so that she does not expect too much or too little.” (pp. 443)

Noted “direct dating coach” Alan Roger Currie takes things a step further, both in print and on video; in his classic work, “Mode One”, Currie says the following:


Most men who exhibit Mode Three Behavior generally have a less-than-average degree of self-confidence and self-esteem. They are often perceived as either “shy,” “introverted,” excessively flattering, indecisive, “wishy washy,” and/or generally dishonest.” (pp. 56)

But wait, there’s more! Currie takes things a step further; speaking on the Jaxn affair(s) on YouTube in a Mar 23, 2021 video called “Men who are Mode One NEVER Have to Resort to Cheating, Lying or “Pretending” that they Love Monogamy“, Currie was adamant that Jaxn was a “verbal coward” for lying to his wife and his mistresses, in order to obtain sex, and declared that Jaxn was NOT “Mode One” by any stretch of the imagination.

So there you have it, gentlemen – according to the most acclaimed authorities in the game, pardon the pun, Derrick Jaxn simply didn’t have any.

Among the many lessons that we learn from the Derrick Jaxn fiasco, is that he didn’t have “solid Game” – far from it – and it would do those of us in this dojo well to learn from Jaxn’s self-immolation and study, practice and study some more, the Crimson Arts, until we have perfected our seduction skills to a high art. Failure to do so, could very well land you in the same spot as him.

And that ain’t a very good place to be, is it?

We’re done here.

Now adjourn your asses…


Mumia Obsidian Ali is a citizen journalist, podcaster, talk radio show host, commentator, newly minted dating coach and author of “The Book of Obsidian: A Manual for the 21st Century Black American Gentleman”. You can catch his daily live shows on YouTube & Mixlr, as well as his dating coach column at the Negromanosphere website. One of the “Three Kings” of the Black Manosphere, Mr. Ali has contributed to the creation and development of Black Male Media. Follow him on Instagram at @ObsidianRadio. He’s also a semi-professional pest.

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