Public Marriage Proposals Are For Dumb Ass SIMPS!

I will never understand this exhibition of madness that is going on in the contemporary world!


You walk into Shop rite or Domino’s with your girlfriend. You suddenly kneel down and some puppets bring out cameras and phones to take snapshots of you both.



You bring out a ring and slide it into her finger, proposing to her, asking her if she will marry you. Madness! And the girl feigns surprise.



This is just a drama for little children.

You and your girlfriend have been doing almost everything together for a long time. If you were not stupid, both of you would have talked about marriage and your future. I don’t expect you to wake up one morning and go to Walmart and kneel down to talk to her about marriage. I don’t expect her to be surprised that you are talking about it too. I don’t expect her to suddenly become emotional. I don’t expect her to cry. I don’t expect her to faint just because you proposed to her. It is disgusting.

You have probably fucked each other countless times, so stop all the public paparazzi and allow us to rest. You don’t need it again. If you have been fucking her secretly before, you don’t need to go to the market square to propose marriage to her. Just do it in your bedroom. It would be okay. You don’t really need to come to the public and start disturbing us with your brainless exhibition. It is meaningless to me. It makes no sense.

I have always detested this idea of public proposals. You’ll both drive yourselves from your house and you’ll pull over somewhere and come out of your cars and cause commotion in a public place just because you want to ask a girl to marry you? And she will also start crying like a baby? As if the man is doing her a favour. I want to believe an intelligent lady should know her place in the life of a man she has been dating. You don’t just wake up and become a wife in a single day. No. It doesn’t happen that way.

You should have known whether your relationship with your man would lead to marriage. You shouldn’t be living in darkness. You shouldn’t be living in confusion. Most women who cry when a guy puts a ring in their fingers in a public place are probably people who don’t know their worth. Maybe they think they are not worthy of the man or the marriage. Maybe they think they are not beautiful enough. Maybe they think they would never marry. Or, maybe they have a mental problem.

Public proposals are nothing to me!


They mean nothing!

The fact that a guy proposes to you in a public place is not a yardstick to measure his depth of love for you. Animals also propose in public. Goats propose. Hyenas propose. Dogs propose. Then they go ahead and bite one another. Public proposals are becoming too overrated. We have come to depend on it too much. We have come to rely on it too deeply. I don’t have anything against prewedding shoots. They are cool.

You can go to hell and take pictures with your lover and come back to the world to get married. It is wonderful and excellent. You can even decide to buy a coffin, while you and your lover lie down inside and a photographer takes the shots.


It is cool, also. At least, we will know you are about to get married. But please, stop proposing marriage in public. Stop taking a girl to a market place to ask her if she will marry you. It is weird. I don’t understand it. I don’t know what it means. I will just conclude you are a stupid man when you get a ring and kneel before a girl on a highway, asking her to marry you.

But to me, all these things are just movies. They are acted. And I think they are not necessary. But some ignorant people still think it is romantic. I don’t blame the whites who do that much, anyway. However, if you are an African man and you have ever given a ring to a lady on your knees, I’m sorry, you are a stupid goat. You are putting yourself in a degrading position just because of a pussy. You are insulting yourself just to get laid. You are relegating yourself just because you want to fuck.

Meanwhile, I am looking forward to more public proposals that will be turned down.


Failed public proposals.



I want to see how it will look like when you kneel and propose to a girl in public and she says no. I want to see the embarrassment that you will be buying for yourself. I know some people will come for my head concerning this article but the truth is that I don’t care. This is my personal opinion. Don’t come here and argue with me because I will slap the madness out of you. If you have anything to say, go get your opinions published in a Newspaper! I’m out of here.

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