Quit The Messianic Complex

The world is filled with too many problems and sometimes you get confused in trying to save everyone because of your good heart. The truth is, you can’t save everyone because you will eventually drown yourself if you try it. It is sometimes better to save the ones you can save and leave the rest to save themselves. Or let others come and save them.

This may look harsh but it is good for you. You can’t help everyone. Those who try to help everyone who comes their way may land in trouble unknowingly. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t help people. No. It is just that you shouldn’t help people to the detriment of yourself. You don’t have to be emotional all the time. There are times you have to be realistic about situations. Do people really care about you? No. They just want someone to solve their problems.

There are some of us who, even in our own frustrating predicament and personal pains, will go the extra mile to put a smile on the lips of other people by giving them the little that we have, which is not even enough for us, instead of using that little to take care of ourselves. It is like putting other people’s needs before our own. This attitude sinks us more into the mire.

Just like Olisa Eloka said on Facebook few days ago, some of us should quit the messianic complex of trying to be everyone’s saviour. We need to trash the mentality that we are in the world to solve people’s problems. We need to stop seeing ourselves as the Messiah who should put an end to everyone’s bitterness. We need to realize that, just like everyone else, we also matter.

Some of us believe it is our job to fix the problems of our families or help every friend in need, even to our own detriment. We keep wiping others people’s tears while we are also crying. We save others while we die silently. This mentality may put chains on us and inhibit us from progressing faster in life, because we keep taking up other people’s responsibilities while we can’t even deal with our own.

Olisa Eloka said: “I used to borrow money from friends to help friends in need. And then I would incur debt on myself over something that I at least didn’t enjoy or have no stake in. My boss talked serious sense into me.” This is just how some of us live our lives. Or have been living it. It is dangerous to try to pull others up if you are not well-grounded. You’ll fall to the ground yourself and everyone will be at the same level.

Help people, but please make yourself a priority. Choose yourself. Don’t try to take anyone across the river when you haven’t learnt how to swim. You both will drown and fishes will have your shriveled cock for dinner! People will be fine without you. They will take their problems and sorrows to someone else if you die trying to save them. The world will move on without you.

Don’t let anyone make you think that their lives would be meaningless because you didn’t help them. Don’t let them blackmail you emotionally that they would die if you don’t help them. They won’t. There are over five billion people in the world. They will find someone else to take away their sorrows. You are not Jesus Christ. You are not the Saviour of the world. You need a saviour, too.

Take care of yourself. Buy yourself those things that you need. Be vain. Be selfish. Enjoy yourself because Hades may blow the whistle on your head any minute. And the people you sacrificed your happiness for, will be on the next giveaway post while termites would be doing bazaar on your stiff skin! Give. Help. But make sure you are not running yourself down.

Quit thinking you are Jesus Christ who has come into the world to save mankind. Jesus Himself couldn’t even save all of humanity because not everyone believes in Him. The people He came to save were the ones who even want Him crucified. They were the ones who drove nails through his hands. If the saviour of the world couldn’t save the world, why do you think you can? This article is inspired by Olisa Eloka.

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