R Kelly wants out on bond, says he’s not gonna harass his accusers

After rapper 6ix9ine played the COVID-19 card to get out of jail, it seems that R Kelly is trying his best to achieve the same result. This week, the singer’s legal team asked the court for Kelly’s eliberation due to coronavirus concerns while mentioning that their client has no intentions of harrasing or harming the victims.

The team went on to justify their legal terms by mentioning that one of R Kelly’s supposedly victim is Aaliyah, the RnB singer which tragically lost her life years ago in a plane crash. Kelly’s attorneys, Steven Greenberg and Michael Leonard, also mentioned in their letter to the court that there are 5 alleged victims in his federal case besides Aaliyah and that the singer is out of reach with every one of them.

According to the document, R Kelly and his team also referred to 2 of the victims as Jane Doe’s so the singer can’t even identify them in order to put pressure to drop the case. Likewise, they claim prosecutors have only identified another accuser by a photo with the singer and his team having no idea who the women are.

Another girlfriend, recently went on a rampage on social media to blast Kelly with his lawyers even including links to her social media posts to showcase her firm opinion on their client. The person which is being refered to is clearly, Azriel Clary who has a bit of a history herself. According to recent news, Clary was first supportive of the artist and even promised to visit him in jail with his other girlfriend Joycelyn Savage. However, the two of them soon had a feud (and even a fight on video) and Azriel even move out of the Trump Tower establishment where she used to be roomies with Kelly and Joycelyn.

Unfortunately for R Kelly and his legal team, the judge already turned down their first two appeals so there’s a slim chance Kelly will see freedom anytime soon. But who knows! Maybe third time is a lucky one. What do you think, will R Kelly be released behind bars at MCC Chicago in the next few weeks? Comment below with your opinion on the whole situation.


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