Reading – The Hobby of a Successful Man

When focusing on the numerous manospheres out there, and all the sites that serve to influence men who wish to improve, there is always one important theme missing. Books. From even the earliest cornerstones of history, in each successful, male dominated society, the learned and the intelligent were always on the winning side.
This only serves to confirm the fact that each successful man needs good books in his life. Good writing can be extremely influential and beneficial to an open mind. A lot of high quality books from some of the world’s classic authors can even go so far as to turn your life around – for the better. As you develop a passion for reading – and you will once you begin – you will begin furthering and sharpening your knowledge and mind. A successful man who has the looks AND the intellect as well, is on a winning path. And this imminent success will quickly become obvious to him.
So read on as we discuss the undoubted importance of filling your free time with books and the written word!

The Mark of Value
They often say that a place without books is like a house without windows. And a “man cave” without a good selection of books is an obvious sign of his incompleteness. A woman that is greeted with a vast number of books in your cozy house or apartment, will immediately have a positive response. It will also give you a number of interesting themes do discuss – in case your conversational skills are lacking and you wish to work up on those.
Another possible benefit – when it comes to gaming women – is the possibility to invite your date to….check out your book selection. Provided of course, she shares a liking of books.
But let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. We stray of course. Why? Well, books have NO, and should have no connection to women and gaming. We just provided a few tricks and excuses there. But in the end, books are a man’s privilege. An opportunity to learn – to fill your life with new insights into life and its complex mechanisms. In a way, books are the man’s ultimate weapon – because a glimpse into the way things are in the world can only help you get further and become more successful.

Never Stop Learning
A man who has no desire to improve and always fight for a new level, deserves to be run over by the world. The virtue of successful men is the ability and willingness to always learn and always improve. And one of the best ways, besides the trials and tribulations of the world, is reading and studying. Intellect and a sharp mind will work to the advantage of every person, male or female. Besides of the broadening of your horizons, you will always have fresh subjects for conversation, immensely improved social and conversational skills, and the undoubted and all important sharpness of mind. We all know that to be a successful player and interact with women, you need to have a quick mind and a fast tongue. Besides all this, you will present yourself as a smart, well-read man, and trust us – intelligence is equally sexy as a good looking body.
If you lack orientation in the world of important books, and don’t know where exactly to start, we can help. You’d want to start with books that have importance and certified quality. Books that can teach you something once you turn the final page. No, we don’t mean you should go read “50 Shades of Gay”.
Some of the popular titles, in the manosphere especially, are “48 Laws of Power”, “The Art of Seduction”, “The Rational Male”, “Meditations”, “The Art of War”, “No More Mr. Nice Guy”, and many more. Of course, as you raise your interests, you can go a step above and head into some of the important philosophy works, by Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, Kant or Freud. Some of these big philosophers had quite a bit to say on the theme of women and the relationships with men. These themes can go far in the manosphere world.

Fun and Improvement
Now, we’re not saying you should go into philosophy right away. You can still enjoy reading in a fun, hobby-like way. A huge amount of the world’s classics will be a great way to enjoy reading, entertain yourself and all of that in a self-improving way. It is always better to spend an afternoon reading, than playing video games. Every word and every book you read works toward a better result. Vastly improved conversational and writing skills will quickly be obvious, and will help you a lot. The ability to lead a entertaining, engaging and fun conversation can make you a natural charmer and win over some yearning females. Then again, it can put you in front of other man and raise you social value through the roof. Intelligence and the ability to lead and provide insight are important factors of successful men. You can try some classic authors of the 19th and 20th century, like Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky, Steinbeck, Faulkner, Stephen King, Melville, Tolkien, or G.R.R. Martin. All these are entertaining while providing good insights, great structuring and important word use.

This article was long overdue here on Negromanosphere. A man must be well-read – end of discussion. He must be a master of his body and a master of his mind. The sword that is the man – is a double edged blade. Body and mind.
So after you get your money, after you lift your heavy iron, you enjoy the written word. You learn, you improve, you relax. Check your local library, or a used books store. You can get an insane amount of classic books for a low as 2 or 3 dollars! So wait no more – start expanding your collection and broadening your horizons.

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