A Real Man Always Earns a Woman’s Respect

If there is one fundamental fact about women, it is that they will always 'test' men to see how thick their skin is and how strong their backbone is

Everyone wants to be ‘liked’ by somebody.  Women love being ‘liked’ by both their male and female friends, and men love knowing that they are ‘liked’ by women and their close male friends.

In the long-run, most people come to the realization that being ‘liked’ by others is highly overrated.  Particularly, men learn this hard lesson when dealing with women of interest.

Realistically, the only reason why women usually ‘like’ men is because those men allow these women to ‘have their way’ with them.  Any woman is going to ‘like’ a man who is flattering, entertaining, helpful and accommodating, and financially generous.  What is there not to ‘like’ about a man of this nature?

The more challenging endeavor for any man in today’s dating scene is to be respected by women.

What is the difference between a woman ‘liking’ a man and respecting a man?


Some psychologists define the concept of respect as a combination of being feared and admired.  When a woman respects a man, this means that this man possesses a number of attributes, characteristics, and behavioral habits that cause that woman to deeply admire him.  On the other hand, this woman has also reached a point in her relationship with this man where she is very fearful of losing this man’s attention and companionship.

When a woman respects a man, she will always make time for that man’s company.  Always.  She will drop other seemingly important activities just to spend time with that man of interest.  Secondly, the woman’s behavior toward the man will be at minimum, accommodating and deferential … and at maximum, obedient, ultra-feminine and submissive.

Anytime a woman behaves in a very stubborn and defiant manner toward a man on a regular basis, this represents a lack of respect for him.  Also, when a woman very frequently behaves like a spoiled ‘drama queen,’ this is usually a red flag sign that a woman does not maintain any respect for her husband, fiancé, or long-term boyfriend.

Rarely will women just ‘give’ a man her respect.  Usually, the man has to earn her respect.


Most women will administer a number of psychological ‘tests’ to a man to evaluate if that man is worthy of her respect.  What are some of these tests?

  • Testing a man to see if he is easy to control, influence, dominate, or manipulate
  • Testing a man to see if he is emotionally sensitive and has ‘thin skin’
  • Testing a man to see if it frustrates him to be ignored by her for days, weeks, or months
  • Testing a man to see if she can get away with spoiled and difficult-to-get-along-with behavior without being put in check
  • Testing a man to see if he will behave like an accommodating and obedient financial favor provider and/or ‘Sugar Daddy’


The single most effective way that women will test men to see if they are easy to control, influence, and/or manipulate is by simply being very demanding and full of requests.  Anytime a man meets a new woman of interest, and right off the bat, that woman is demanding that the man perform some sort of ‘favor’ for her … or satisfy some sort of request of hers … and the man immediately obliges her … then this is when the woman knows that she can generally control this man’s behavior, influence this man’s behavior, and dominate and manipulate this man.


Many men will do anything to prevent and avoid harsh criticisms from women and/or personal insults from women.  This is a huge mistake on the part of men.  Women know that a man is a weak, no-backbone Beta male if that man always goes out of his way to prevent negative reactions and adverse responses from women.  Once a woman knows that a man will do anything to prevent her from criticizing him and/or insulting him, that man will surely become putty in that woman’s hands.  Instant loss of respect.


Generally speaking, women have very little respect for men who cannot tolerate being ignored by a woman for a week or longer.   Many women will purposely ignore men indefinitely just to agitate that man, frustrate that man, and see how long he can go without that woman’s attention and companionship.

Once a man lets a woman know that he is very lonely and needy for her companionship, the woman will treat him like nothing more than a purely platonic friend.


The legendary street pimp, Robert Beck a.k.a. ‘Iceberg Slim’ said in his book, PIMP: THE STORY OF MY LIFE, that many women will intentionally behave like a defiant and disrespectful ‘bitch’ toward a man just to see if he has the strength of character and backbone to put her ‘in check’ when he needs to.  Iceberg Slim asserts that if a woman knows that she can consistently get away with behaving like a spoiled, difficult-to-get-along-with ‘drama queen’ with a man, she will never allow that man to ever truly lead her or sexually dominate her in a relationship.


Refer to my article titled, A Simp and His Money are Soon Parted.  That article pretty much sums up everything I need to say as far as women, men, and money being spent.  It is one thing for a man to behave like a ‘trick(i.e., a man who regularly spends money on street prostitutes, professional Call Girls, and/or upscale Erotic Escorts – in other words, women who are guaranteed to engage in sexual activities with him), but it is a totally different concept for a man to behave like a chump and/or a ‘simp.’  Men get frequently labeled the latter when that man spends a significant amount of money on women who have yet to indicate to this man that they have any genuine interest in sharing this man’s company in any sort of romantic or strictly sexual manner.

If any woman knows for a fact that she can get a man to spend money on her or ‘wine & dine’ her without her agreeing to be physically intimate with this man or without her agreeing to engage in oral sex and/or sexual intercourse with this man, she will generally lose respect for him and just exploit him for his financial and materialistic generosity.

Being respected by a woman is ten times more important than simply being ‘liked’ by a woman.  As mentioned already, being ‘liked’ is extremely overrated in the long run.

When a man earns a woman’s respect, this man will eventually experience that woman of interest treating him like the ‘king’ of his castle.

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  1. The older I get, the more I am convinced male-female relationships should be like parent-child relationships. There are more similarities than there are differences.

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