The Real Reason Black Men Travel Abroad

We know the stories.   Black men traveling to places like Brazil and the Dominican Republic has caused enough of an uproar to have people schedule conferences to discuss how to deal with the issue.   Black women already had complaints about Black men dealing with white women and now they have to worry about women from other countries.   Never mind that these women in the other countries are for the most part Black.     Quiet as it’s kept many Black men also travel to Asia and Africa seeking female companionship.

The argument from American Black women is that there are more than enough Black women in this country.  I actually agree with them on this point.   Now the brothas in response will say that American Black women are uncooperative with them and that they are treated better by women in other countries.    Fair argument as well.   Indeed this is an argument that I have made myself.   I have stated on several occasions that Black men travel abroad because of the treatment they received from these women.  I was only telling half the story.  There is something that I’ve left out.  Not because I didn’t know the reason.   It was just that the treatment argument was stronger.    Now I’m in a mood to point out the other reason.

If anyone wants to know why Black men travel to other countries to meet and have sex with foreign women they need to do two things.  First they need to look at pictures of women from these other countries.   Second they need to take a walk anyplace in America where there is a large number of women gathered.  Notice a difference?   Women in other countries tend to take care of their bodies better.  They also embrace their feminine nature.

I remember back in the day when I visited a college friend who lived in Puerto Rico.   I was seeing all sorts of fine women and that was just at the airport.   Everywhere I traveled I saw nothing but fine women.  Even the few fat girls I saw cleaned up nicely.   There were women who lived in housing projects who were wearing heels.   At one point I spent the night with my friend and her family at an off the map spot on the southern end of the island.   The women were so fine I just walked around with some Sangria and just admired the women.   No joke I told my friend I had to get some before I left the island.   Since we were platonic she called an obliging friend of hers who screamed her admiration of me in Spanish later that night.

When Black men are going overseas they are not just going so a woman will be nice to them.   Many of them can stay home and get that.   Of course the woman willing to treat him in a good way has an unfortunate face, is sixty pounds overweight with more stomach than ass, and has three disrespect kids.   Oh yeah, she’ll treat the man right.   Like she has a choice.   A man can try to deal with that or he could save his money and travel a few times a year to deal with a sexy woman who will treat him right and rock his world in the bedroom.

Wow that seems like such a hard choice.

I remember when I first heard about men going abroad it was more of an underground thing.  This affluent brotha I knew said many Black men who were professionals would work hard most of the month and stay to themselves so they could have money to travel to different places.   These men would hook up with foreign women which would energize them so they could come home ready to put in hard work.    Now these men could get American women easily.   Let’s be real though.  More and more American women are letting themselves go physically.   Someone would have to live near certain colleges to see a high number of attractive women.   Since that’s not feasible for most men and even strippers are looking rough, these men decide to simply go overseas.

Bottom line Black men are traveling abroad to meet sexier women.

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