What REALLY keeps Men from reaching their full potential?

There are many potential pitfalls in a man’s life that can set him back. A bad relationship, getting fired from a job, and getting injured are just a few. While these things can be mitigated with game, good work performance, and  not taking physical risks, there are other things under a man’s control that keep him from dominating life like he should.

Below are the 3 biggest factors that hold men back. Keep in mind that each of these is under a man’s complete control, so there’s no excuse not to, at the very least, start to work on this stuff:

#3 – Bad financial decisions

I’ve written about this in the past in this post:

Getting your finances in order is obviously not something you can do overnight. This takes time, temperance, and sometimes requires adjustments on the fly as the result of unexpected circumstances rearing their ugly heads (i.e. car trouble, illness, family emergency, et al.)

But it starts with making a conscious decision to gain control of your bottom line by realigning your priorities in terms of what’s in your best interest financially both short and long term.

I was as guilty of having my priorities out of whack as any man out there. But when I made the decision to put a stop to frivolous and unnecessary spending, my fiscal outlook improved in a hurry.

Living above your means is the quickest way to hinder your progress in any capacity. Driving a car you can barely afford, living in a dwelling with unnecessary amenities (meaning you pay a lot more than you should), and impulsive and frivolous spending with no discipline have the potential to derail your life in a hurry.

When you’re constantly hampered down with expenses due to exorbitant spending on frivolous luxuries, your bottom line suffers. And when your bottom line suffers, you suffer. Not only do you have to deal with the monthly struggle to make ends meet, any goals you had in the future have to be put on hold if not completely abandoned altogether.

Stop spending $300 on Jordans, making monthly payments on a $1000 smart phone, and buying the biggest baddest 200″ plasma T.V. and exercise some financial discipline. Read books, look up articles, and lean on people who have their financial house in order for guidance on how to socking away cash for a rainy day and making consistent progress toward financial freedom.

#2 – Pussy

We all wanna fuck good looking girls. This is one of the main reasons most men find the Brother Pill in the first place. Heartbreak and/or sexual frustration are often the catalysts that prompt men to Google “How do I get my girlfriend back?” or “How have sex with beautiful women.”

Inevitably you’ll find yourself in the Manosphere and soon after, the Negromanosphere. We teach men about what makes women tick, how to become more attractive to them, and how to sleep with them without them taking their pound of flesh among other things.

But a lot of men get lost in the search for pussy and end up neglecting other elements of living the Brother Pill Life. I was guilty of this when I first discovered the Manosphere. All I concentrated on was pussy and nothing else.

Don’t get me wrong, fuckin’ a bunch of hot chicks when you had never so much as sniffed quality pussy before is wonderful. Your life changes, you see women for what they really are, and your success with women far exceeds what you thought possible. But somewhere along the way, pussy becomes your #1 priority and this is where most men get tripped up.

What men need to understand is that while being good with women certainly has its benefits, it should not be the main focus of a man’s life. Having an abundance of women who are ready, willing, and able to make your acquaintance is merely a side effect of living the Brother Pill lifestyle to its fullest.

Nobody likes being around a man who talks about nothing but pussy. Sure, it’s entertaining and even educational for a while but at some point, the same old shit gets old with your friends and family. As men, we are supposed to be multi-dimensional.

Focusing on other things like finances, fitness, projects, etc. will give you the agency you need to survive and thrive as a man. This way, if there’s a slump in your pussy plundering conquests (and there will be at some point), you won’t fall into a depression and wondering if the Brother Pill life is really what you want. I discussed this phenomenon in an ROK article entitled Analyzing The 5 Main Alpha Archetypes:

…but when Players hit a slump (which is inevitable) their self worth takes a sharp dive which ultimately leads to lowering their standards. They often resort to banging fatties from time to time to shake themselves free of sexual stagnation and get back in the saddle (which doesn’t do their self esteem any favors).

So long as you understand that women are just a benefit of this lifestyle, you’ll keep your head about you and continue to progress and reach your full potential as a man.


#1 – Fucking with single moms

This one is a combination of the first two. Anyone who dates or wifes up a single mom is doing so because of the pussy, meaning pussy is at the top of his list in terms of her qualifications. It’s also financial suicide on many, many levels.

Committing to single moms is the single most detrimental thing a man can do to himself. Not only will you suffer emotionally, you will suffer financially. There are many reasons fucking with single moms is a fool’s errand and I’ve highlighted a lot of those reasons in previous episodes of TSR: Live with Donovan Sharpe.

Nevermind the fact that you have to deal with single mom fuckery like cheating, bad attitudes, and entitlement complexes. They’re a financial pit. You’re stuck paying for EVERYTHING because single moms are straight up broke ass bitches.

It’s one thing to unwisely spend money on yourself, but spending it on an undeserving woman is quite another. At least you’re getting some sort of benefit buying Jordans or video games, or whatever other vices that are hinderances in your life.

But there’s little to no return on investment from single moms, sexually or financially. If you want to torpedo your life and set yourself back by several years, commit to a single mom and she’ll waste no time sucking you dry of your time, freedom, money, faculties, agency and everything else that can benefit you in a positive way.

Now that you know…

…do something about it. Get your financial house in order, stop putting pussy on a pedestal and chasing it all the goddam time and stop fucking with women who have children that are not yours. You will quickly find that your life will greatly improve in all areas. And only then, can you move forward and progress into the kind of man you know you can be.

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