Reasons why Black men brought up by single mothers are so messed up

messed up

Oshay the other day wrote an article blaming single parenting as the reason why we all witnessed the Steve Stevens horror movie.

He bragged to have killed 15 people in the Cleveland Ohio with the most harrowing of them all being broadcasted on his Facebook live where he tentatively shot a random 74 year old man.

After that Oshay came out guns blazing blaming single black women for cluster fucks like Stevens…I actually agree with him.

Hey, I’m the guy who advocates for women’s rights up in this bitch but on this one I have to take a step back and I have psychology backing me up.

“The fact is that “WOMEN” of any country negatively “IMPACT” the societies that they live in when they produce CHILDREN they cannot “ACCOUNT FOR.” Steve Stevens even stated that his mother never cared about him. She never showed him the emotional support even when he said admitted to being suicidal. Steve Stevens is not the first black man to launch such a complaint against the extreme fuckery of Black Single Mothers. Black men take to YouTube, Facebook, and other platforms of Social Media to depict their own stories of how their Single Black Mothers neglected them, cursed them out, never supported them, and mistreated them throughout their childhood.” Oshay’s Jackson wrote in part.

What I want to focus on is the part where he is Steve’s mother never showed him support when he admitted to being suicidal. I don’t entirely blame her because there was nothing she could have done; men and women are not wired the same and will never be.  What she could have done is sought to get help and that is where she got it wrong.

Researchers have found that single parenting had adverse effects to children, especially boys who always tend to exhibit all manner of psychotic behavior during adulthood. And research also places quite a number of reasons why this is the case.

The first one is the financial constraints that come with being a single parent especially a single mother. Having grown in Africa, Kenya to be specific….poverty is real and it becomes even worse in a single parent household. I have seen boys who exhibit all manner of ill feelings towards their mothers and the world because they always assume it would have been better it their fathers were available.

Then that means the mother has to work extra time to cater even for the basic needs like shelter and clothing and thus spends very minimal time with the child. Now especially for a boy, the results are grotesque at the end because advice and guidance comes from other people and it might not necessarily be the best form of advice.

The social and emotional effects are even worse because a woman simply can’t teach a boy to be a man. Why? Because she’s not one herself and she completely doesn’t understand what it’s like. What this brings is a bunch of dudes who always feel incomplete, with no sense of identity and even direction. This eventually leads to frustrations and psychological torment. And when this takes effect, most of these boys turn to drug abuse and crime to calm themselves down or attract attention. Sometimes even to feel cared for and respected.

In an article published in The Lancet in 2003, Swedish researchers found that children of single parents and, boys in particular, are at greater risk of suffering mental hardships because they have to adjust to their reality, which is different from that of children in two-parent households. The children need to learn to cope but the study shows that they are sometimes unable to cope, because of situational stress and that they tend more toward depression, addiction, suicidal tendencies and low self-esteem.

And baam! That’s how you end up with the Steve’s of this world.

So yes, women really need to keep their legs crossed for the many excuses of men roaming the world as it’s costing all of us!

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