The Reasons Men Are Happier Than Women

To enjoy good health, to bring true happiness to one’s family, to bring peace to all, one must first discipline and control one’s own mind. If a man can control his mind he can find the way to Enlightenment, and all wisdom and virtue will naturally come to him.


There is no denying that we are living in a gynocentric society. All facets of our society are increasingly being dominated by females, while simultaneously becoming more and more hostile towards men.  It’s becoming increasingly difficult to be a man, and raise boys to be men in today’s society. There’s a toxic level of acrimony towards men.

Men damn near have to apologize for existing. We’re told that our fears, desires, and concerns don’t matter simply because we are men.  Women are infringing on all things that are masculine and demanding access our safe spaces while demanding that we stay out of theirs.

For example, barbershops, places that used to be held sacred to men and one of the few places where we could speak in our voices and unapologetically be men have increasingly become unisex. Strip clubs, another place where men could be men, have basically morphed into regular night clubs, albeit with half naked or fully nude working there and with women invading them. While I was serving on active duty during my time in the Air Force, the name of the cockpit was changed to flight deck because the name was called offensive by female airmen.  These are only a few of a multitude of ways the feminists and their agenda have permeated aspects of society. Masculinity, it would seem, is under attack.

Statistically, women are outliving men in every country in the world. They are earning degrees at levels never seen before.  Women are making more money now than they ever have throughout the whole of recorded human history. More women are CEOs and elected officials than ever. Women are represented and included in all aspects of society than ever before.

Despite all the strides that women have made, despite all their proclaiming that “I am woman, hear me roar,” all reputable studies show that the modern woman ae unhappy. Not only do the studies conclude that in the aggregate, women aren’t happy, they are less happy than the women of yesteryear.  That’s right. Women love to complain about how bad their mothers and grandmothers had it, yet again, all reputable studies on the matter conclude the contrary.

How can this be? After all, we are living in gynocentric society, aren’t we?  As we see more and more every day, men and masculinity are becoming much maligned. We are constantly reminded of our marginalized status with things such as “#men are trash” in case we try to forget.  So, with all this power, why then are the female overlords not happy? Why are the studies showing that the modern woman is less happy than previous generations?  Let’s look at two reasons why this is the case.

Women Have Upset The Natural Order Of Things

If you are religious person, almost universally, all faiths place men at the head.  God has given men dominion over women. If you aren’t religious, again, almost universally nature has placed human men in charge of women by virtue of physiology. The same holds true in almost other species of animals. The males tend to be bigger and stronger.

One reason women, despite all their advances are less happy than before is because they have tried to change the natural order of things. Men are built to lead. That’s why we are bigger and stronger. It’s why we are less emotional than women. We have the ability to think rationally.  Leadership requires doing ability what is right or what’s in your best interest, irrespective of feelings. Men are physically and mentally equipped for stresses and rigors that leadership requires.

Of course, there will always be notable exceptions. Those exceptions serve to prove the rule. By and large, women can’t handle the burden of leadership because they aren’t equipped for it. As the saying goes,” be careful what you wish for. You just might get it.”

Most Of Women Happiness Comes From External Sources

Whether they want to admit it or not, the majority of women’s behavior is done for male attention. The majority of what makes men women happy is external, and thus out of their control. Conversely, most of what makes men happy is internal and in our control. For example men tend to define ourselves by our achievements and possessions. Again, these are two things that are within our control. Let’s say that you want a bigger house or a nicer car. A man will simply work to get these things. His getting these things is completely dependent on him.

Women on the other hand, derive a large portion of their happiness and self-worth from external sources, namely, other people, especially men.  They thrive on being told that they are pretty, rather than just feeling pretty internally. They need to be chosen by a man to be is girlfriend or wife to be feel validated.  Because so much of their happiness is basically controlled by others, true happiness will almost always elude them.

When so much of what makes you happy is determined by others, no amount of personal achievement will ever truly make you happy because your happiness isn’t derived from yourself.

Men understand these two things, even if it is subconsciously. This is why despite all the resistance that we are constantly facing from the world at large, especially black men, we are thriving, despite what they would have you believe. So, the next time you see a sister with a college degree, a high powered job, a foreign car, and expensive clothes, remember that despite that her facade, she’s probably unhappy.  Remember, you define your happiness, not anyone else.

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