Reasons Most Nigerians Go To Church

Nigeria is a very religious nation. The majority of Nigerians go to church not because they love God, but because of what they hope to gain from the gathering. Churches in Nigeria are not different from social groups where people go to have a sense of belonging and identity. The same is true about mosques. Our religious houses are always filled up because most people believe it is where they can find a solution to the challenges they are facing. Below are some of the reasons Nigerians attend churches:

1. Most Nigerians go to church habitually. It is a habit. Nigerians are very religious people and going to church is a way of life. They are inducted and indoctrinated into churchianity from childhood. The first day they are introduced to the church is the day of “dedication”. It is christening. From there, the child joins the children department and grows into the youth department and finally enters the men or women fellowship.

2. Most Nigerians go to church for entertainment. In a country where art and culture is largely non-existent, the church affords the stage for show biz. The choir is the life band that dishes out melodies and symphonies. There are side shows like comedy, guest artistes, trumpeters and dancers. These come together to create entertainment for the consumption of a Nigerian.

3. Many folks in Nigeria go to church to charge their phones and devices. It is not a joke when I call Nigeria a City of Darkness. Electricity is never stable. Citizens live in perpetual darkness, except the few ones who can afford generators. The ones who don’t have money for generators will take their phones to the church to get it charged when the church powers its own generator.

4. Many guys and girls go to church in Nigeria to socialize. Some go to hunt for lovers and life partners. Many churches engage in hook ups and matchmaking. Church is like a channel through which youths can meet their future partners.

5. Many people go to church in Nigeria to beg for money and to solicit for help to secure employment. There are churches who only help their members. If you are not their member, you are on your own.

6. The majority of Nigerians go to church out of fear of God. They are scared that God will be angry with them if they don’t go to church regularly to worship. They are scared of hell fire and they see church membership as a vaccine against the wrath of God.

7. Many Nigerians go to church for medical and surgical reasons. They believe that God can heal every disease. Crusades and programmes are usually awash with healing testimonies.

8. Many Nigerians go to church to punish their enemies. In most churches in Nigeria, violent prayers are conducted against the enemies of the worshippers. It is an avenue to fight your enemies spiritually.

9. Many Nigerians go to church for prosperity and the good life. They believe that if they are serious with church attendance and give generously to the church, it guarantees financial miracles.

10. Many Nigerians go to church for deliverance from demons, witchcraft and mermaids. Nigerians believe in the superstitious. During deliverance exercises, people are prayed for and they fall to the ground and some of them will start misbehaving and talking anyhow.

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