Recognizing the Red Flags When Dating Women

Dating can often be similar to a minefield, for both sides. You can walk along and have no big troubles, but then you get to step on a mine. And things go downhill real fast. This “mine” happened at least once to every one of us here at Negromanosphere, myself included, and, well, we’re here to tell the tale. We learned our lesson the hard way, but that’s why You don’t have to. Because there are certain tell tale signs that can show you right off the bat, that you’re gaming a bat-shit crazy thot, and once you know how to see these “red flags”, you can escape the trouble in time.
Because, as we learned at so costly a price, sticking your d**k in crazy, as the saying goes, brought us nothing but unnecessary stress, drama, troubles and stalking. Nobody needs that shit in their life, and no rational man wants to waste his precious time dealing with that bullshit. That’s why it will do you good to learn the crucial signs that you’re gaming a possessive, daddy issues, bipolar and unstable woman. We’re not saying they all are – they’re not of course, but there’s an occasional crazy one that will fall on one of us sooner or later. So read on, let’s go over the major red flags!

What are the Red Flags?
In the popular Red Pill (manosphere) terminology one of the cardinal rules is the one we mentioned above – “Don’t stick your D in crazy”. This is a golden rule of TRP, mainly because a lot of guys know exactly why they say it – they went through that hell. They also coined the term “red flag” which indicates the obvious signs in appearance, behavior, personality and conversation, that will tell you right away that no good can come out of the gaming.
So what exactly are they? We mentioned some briefly in our “thot articles” (here and here) and we’ll go over them in detail here. Again, we don’t want to say that these personal traits are definitive signs of a possessive and troublesome person! But can be good indications into the type of person you’re dealing with. We need to stress this, because it would be stupid and narrow minded from our side to say that every such person is the same.
Ok, so on with the core of it. Let’s see. You got a date – good for you. The conversation is going good, the drinks are flowing, but now you’re starting to notice details. You see that her hairstyle is fucked up – it’s either close cropped and masculine, partially shaved or colored in a bright and unnatural color. These chaotic hairstyles should be enough for some (smart) men to abandon the hunt right there and then. They are indicative of attention seeking behavior, lack of self respect, as well as impulsive behavior following a bad breakup (“alpha widows”).
Next you notice her body. Is that a large, disproportional and pretty dumb tattoo? Is that another one? What’s with the piercings in her septum and the ridiculous ear plugs? Another sign of her being unable to control her emotions and seeking attention in the most simple and primitive ways. We can all agree that a female body should look natural and attractive, and these modifications are far from that.
And on to the most important red flags. You start to listen closely to what she says. Going on in detail about her past relationships? Talking nonchalantly about her sexual past? Clear bipolar behavior and daddy issues? Run. Run from it like you’re running from fire. And don’t look back. It’s more trouble than you know.

You Should Have Standards
Every rational man who holds to himself and his beliefs, should have clear cut standards and defined rules by which he lives his life. It’s only natural that a valuable person (like yourself) is looking for an equally valuable person for his mate. So don’t go picking up any ol’ fugly skank that goes by. Aim higher brother. Learn (often through trial and error) to quickly go over the signs and pick only the best for yourself. Game only those women who will be worth your time and effort. You will thank us and yourself later, when you realize how much money, time and mental health you saved.

We’re not trying to paint you a grim and ugly picture of the modern society or the dating scene. Far from it – there can be some truly rewarding “hunts” (every true man is a hunter) out there, resulting in some great lays and great relationships. But there is also the uglier side, which we’re trying to point out here. 21st century society, especially Western society, is a fucked up thing. With all the rampant degeneracy, it shouldn’t be too rare to bump into a crazy bitch covered with red flags as if they were bubonic plague sores. But, being the self made and rational, thinking man that you are, you’ll know to steer clear and go hunt some high class game.

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