How Red Pill Rage can lead to Bitterness and Depression

Many men develop profound bitter and resentful feelings toward women, and often times become depressed, when they are experiencing what is known as "Red Pill Rage"

Imagine if from the time you were three or four years old, you were led to believe that ‘Santa Claus’ and the ‘Tooth Fairy’ were actually real.  Then, at the age of ten, you had your heart broken and your world shattered when your mother or step-mother informed you that both were fictional, fairy-tale characters.

More than likely, first you will feel shocked … then you feel disappointed and sad … and then, finally you might feel somewhat angry, bitter, and betrayed.  You might be asking yourself why would one or both of your parents, along with members of the media, members of the Entertainment Industry, members of the shopping mall and consumer products community, and various members of the general public mislead you into believing in two characters that never, ever really existed?

Now, let us switch from the scenario of preparing for Christmas season and multiple incidents of losing a beloved tooth as a child to the scenario of gradually accumulating knowledge and wisdom as a teenager or young adult related to socially interacting with women and connecting with a woman romantically.

Your beloved mother, step-mother, and/or older sister(s) might have led you to believe that if you are polite, well-groomed, and make good grades in school and college, and land your first high paying job after graduating from college, that you will eventually put yourself in a great position to meet your next long-term girlfriend and future wife.   Then, your future wife will give birth to two or three children, and your new family will live “happily ever after.”  Right?


Now, let’s say that you discover a cult community on the internet known as “The Manosphere.” After visiting multiple internet message boards and discussion forums, you become enlightened about the distinction between Alpha males and Beta males as well as the basic concept of the infamous ’80-20 Rule’ Theory.  Later you come to learn about women exhibiting behavior that is controlling, manipulative, and sexually duplicitous.  You begin to assess the social market value of your non-sexual companionship as well as the sexual market value of your sexual companionship.

As your Red Pill vs. Blue Pill Manosphere education continues, you realize the frustration of being ‘friend zoned’ by a woman, or worse, being ‘cuckolded’ by a woman.  You now realize that many women are Attention Whores and Cock Teasers, and that many women ‘compartmentalize men’ for each of their very specific needs.  You slowly but surely realize that even though women label many men as ‘bad boys’ and ‘jerks,’ and harshly criticize those men’s womanizing ways, deep-down most of these same women have engaged in sexual relations with these so-called ‘undesirable’ men despite their harsh criticisms of them.

Bottom line, you realize that the ‘red pill’ is quite a large pill to swallow.  At this point, you are no longer naive or delusional.  You are fully “awake.”


“What a waste,” you begin to say to yourself when reflecting on all of the instances that you attempted to be ‘Mr. Nice Guy’ with women and ‘wine and dine’ them in an attempt to impress them.  You begin to ask yourself “What is the point of presenting yourself to women as a ‘good man’ only to be treated like nothing more than a purely platonic friend in the long-run?”

“Red Pill Rage” is The Manosphere’s term for that stage that happens right after the initial Red Pill Awareness and Enlightenment stage that is described above.  For some men, this stage that is characterized by feelings of confusion, dejection, disillusionment, frustration … and even profound feelings of anger, bitterness, and resentment toward women in general … may last only a few days or a few weeks, while other men will unfortunately remain in the Red Pill Rage stage indefinitely or even permanently.

In late December 2017, I recorded a video podcast on YouTube where I discussed that many men react to becoming Red Pill Aware very differently.  Some men immediately accept the reality of women’s “true nature,” and these men simply make a few adjustments in their beliefs, attitudes, and behavior toward women, and then they proceed to remain active in today’s dating scene while experiencing very few problems or setbacks.

Other men conclude that the idea of marriage and long-term monogamy is at minimum, highly overrated, and at maximum, detrimental to a man’s mental, emotional, physical, and financial well-being in the long-run.

The type of men who usually have the hardest time exiting out of the Red Pill Rage stage are typically those men who firmly wanted to believe that women were born with strictly monogamy-oriented tendencies and proclivities, and consequently, these men also wanted to believe that any promiscuous and/or polyamorous tendencies exhibited by women had to be some sort of “behavioral aberration” due to poor parenting or incidents of incest or sexual molestation in the woman’s childhood and teenage years.


Many people believe that men such as Elliot Rodger and George Sodini only had a hard time letting their feelings of Red Pill Rage diminish because these two men were mentally ill and emotionally unstable.  This may be true.  For society’s sake, let us hope so.  Because if those two men are more representative of the growing number of up-and-coming bitter misogynists, society as we know it may just be in trouble in the years to come.

The reality is, the vast majority of women in society today simply do not have the same motivation as their mothers, grandmothers, or great-grandmothers experienced to “save themselves for marriage” (i.e., indulge in premarital abstinence and celibacy) or to even indefinitely maintain a strictly monogamous long-term relationship or marriage with a man.

The world is much different than it was sixty plus years ago, and along with that, dating and sexual relationships between heterosexual men and women are very, very different than they were sixty plus years ago.

As a man, do not allow your feelings of Red Pill Rage to bring out the worst emotional feelings and angry attitudes that you are capable of.  Just make the necessary adjustments in your overall mindset toward socially interacting with women, and keep things moving.

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