Reinventing the rules of Attraction

In the time we spent together here at Negromanosphere, we always center around a certain subject. For many of you, it is this very subject that’s the center of every self respecting manosphere – it’s game. Like it or not, large portions of our lives, for young men especially, are revolving around attraction, dating, gaming women and successfully securing a good partner for yourself. And, we hope, the Negromanosphere helped you along the way more than once. But today we will discuss a subject that we are tackling for the first time. It’s just an aspect of that complicated game between men and women, an facet of the real player. Attraction. So, today we will try to break some boundaries and approach this seemingly simple word in a new and revolutionary way. What hides behind male and female attraction? We’re we wrong all this time thinking that only a Chad. H. Thundercock, the real playa, can successfully play the game? Well, read on and find out. Maybe all you thought this far – was wrong.

The Players in the Game
So, you finally decided to get out of your shell and start gaming, start dating. Maybe you thought that your SMV was finally high enough for you to have success with women. So there you are, dressed sharply, new haircut, full wallet and good cologne. The playa is ready. But lo and behold, the playa has no success. What the hell? You thought you done all you should to be seen as attractive.
But what if we told you that only the tiniest aspect of true attraction is reserved for physical looks. That’s right, looking good is not as important as you thought. What really matters is the man that lies behind the clothes. Arguably, the most important and sexiest trait in a man is his masculine strength, his frame and his independence. What does it mean, you ask?
Well, your frame is the peace of mind you have. You should be unflinching and untouchable, your will firmly secure and pointed towards your goals. Women will constantly try to test your frame. It might be small and insignificant “shit test”, or it can be big and bold and really testing. And you, you can’t fail these tests. Your frame is iron, you do what you want and you say what you want. To change that and conform, winding your way in order to provide a pleasing, beta answer to the woman, equals an instant turn off. Looks or not, you failed the masculine test.
Independence should be easier to understand. You need to be a good catch, a desirable man. Wealth, income, social status and looks will definitely help, but a good head on your shoulders is equally important. Also, keep in mind that a sharp and quick tongue will be a good ally, much more than your charming looks. To be able to play the conversational game and turn the tides in your favor. That is the ultimate weapon that can lead you to a lay.

Fatal Attraction
You look at the mirror and think that you are ugly. You dislike your features, the weak chin or you scruffy beard. Maybe you have a receding hairline. Whatever it might be, you’re thinking you are subpar. That you are not enough. You live in an illusion that only model-tier Chads can get by with hot women. Well you are wrong.
You walk down the street and you see a butt ugly man let, walking like a boss and groping a hot bitch. He’s not a photo model, so what does he have that you don’t? Yes my friend, you’re right – he has game.
So next time you put yourself down and objectify yourself and others, try thinking outside of the box. Try what we did – reinvent the rules of attraction. Because it’s not the looks that will get you the woman. In the end it all comes down to your game and your value as a man.

Before we go, there’s another piece of advice. Never, never hesitate to go out there and try. Put yourself to the test and don’t be afraid to fail. Pretty quickly you will find out what are your strengths and what aspects you need to work on. Hell, if you play your cards right, you can score and prove us right. Whatever the result, you’re on the winning side. Now go out there and play the game.

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