Resist the Temptation to be a Single Woman’s ‘Friend’

Many women will do a good job of persuading certain men to spend many hours with them between Thursday and Sunday as "just friends" when they are in-between romantic relationships or when they are being regularly ignored by their womanizing lovers

Many men believe that the period between roughly 1960 and 1974 had only a profound effect on the way men and women interact romantically and sexually.

Not hardly.

As a man, you have to understand this:  when men socialized with women in a period where the vast majority of women were saving themselves sexually for their first husband, it was easy for men to remain “just friends” with a number of women.  Among other reasons, because the men knew that they were not simply ‘being used’ by women for their flattering, entertaining, and financially generous non-sexual companionship.


Over the years, we have witnessed many women accuse men of ‘using them’ just for their sexual companionship.  A few men even have confessed guilt in response to these allegations of socializing with women for the sole and specific purpose of getting in their pants.

The #1 reason why I wrote and published my book, The Possibility of Sex: How Naïve and Lustful Men are Manipulated by Women Regularly, was to make single heterosexual men consciously realize that women will ‘use men’ solely and specifically for what they have to offer to women non-sexually.

In today’s society, knowing full well that the vast majority of women are sexually active, what man is going to be motivated to remain a woman’s ‘male girlfriend’ and/or ‘play brother’ while knowing in the back of his mind that other men are enjoying themselves sexually with that same women?  Very few men.


One of my most quoted comments among many of my male followers is one where I say, “Women love receiving flattering attention from men and engaging in entertaining conversations with men as much as the average man loves receiving a handjob or a blowjob from women.”  For a woman, having their egos flattered, their self-esteem boosted, and their minds entertained is, in its own way, an ‘egotistical orgasm’ for her.

Many men are quick to label a woman a ‘slut’ if she allows too many men to quickly and easily gain access to her sexual companionship without the man offering her any long-term access to his non-sexual companionship.  Well, what about men who allow dozens of women to quickly and easily gain access to their non-sexual companionship (as well as their financial resources and material possessions) without the woman offering them any long-term access to her sexual companionship?

You would have to label such a man some sort of “platonic friendship slut.”  My most popular term for this type of behavior exhibited by a man is FunClubbing.


Many women value their sexual companionship so much that quite a few of them will place a monetary value on their ability to please and satisfy a man’s sexual needs.  For example, some street prostitutes charge anywhere from $50.00 (USD) to $200.00 (USD) for just one male ejaculatory orgasm.  Many professional Call Girls charge anywhere from $250.00 (USD) per hour to $500.00 (USD) per hour for access to their nude body and sexual companionship.  Some upscale Erotic Escorts charge anywhere from $1,000.00 (USD) per day to $25,000.00 (USD) per day for access to both their sexual and non-sexual companionship.

Men … what about you?

Say a woman said to you, “I am very interested in you spending time with me this Friday evening, all day Saturday, and Sunday morning … in a purely platonic manner.  What would I need to pay you for your companionship this weekend?”  What response would you offer to this woman?

$100? $200? $500? $1,000? $2,000? $5,000? More?  You really need to marinate on that and think of a genuine response.

The reality is this:  At least two hours of a man’s non-sexual companionship is just as valuable, if not sometimes MORE valuable to women than an hour’s worth of a woman’s sexual companionship is to a man.  This might be a controversial belief for some to absorb, but this is what I believe:  Every woman you interact with should “pay” for your time, attention, and social companionship with either money or financial favors, some sort of non-financial favor, and/or sex.

If a woman is not willing to ‘compensate’ you in some sort of way for your social companionship, you should cut her off immediately and dismiss her.


If you are a man who regularly “pretends” to be content with a purely platonic friendship with a woman when you know deep-down that you want a series of interactions with this same woman that is more romantic or sexual in nature, then this means you are guilty of FunClubbing.

Stop this bad habit right now!  Seriously.  In the long-run, you will end up nothing less than angry, frustrated, bitter, and resentful.  Trust me when I say this.  There is nothing ‘good’ that ever comes out of FunClubbing with women and/or allowing yourself to become a woman’s “personal ego booster” or “personal entertainer” or her dependable “empathetic listening ear.”  Not to mention you being a man that your “female friend” depends on for free meals and free movie tickets.

Stop giving women free access to your time, attention, and social companionship.

Your time, your attention, and your social companionship is valuable.  Keep that in mind.

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  1. Great article! In my city I have noticed men don’t look at or approach women like before. I think they’re caching on to the changing environment.

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