Reverse Hypergamy: Should Men Marry For Money?

The term “hypergamy” in the negro manosphere is loosely defined as a woman’s instinct to consolidate on the highest value males available to the at any given time. A man’s value is any combination of looks & fitness level, financial means, and status in terms of popularity and/or celebrity. Every male on the dating market has varying degrees of each of the 3 main components that determine his overall value.

For generations, women have been chastised for being what we like to call “gold diggers” who are essentially women who only marry for money. While I’m certainly not against women cashing out and getting the maximum their beauty can get them in terms of financial security through a husband, most people seem to look down on women who will allow only men with substantial net worth (as in at least 7 figures) to take them off the market.

Granted, certain women place more value in each of those metrics but when push comes to shove, all women are going to be attracted to men with the highest overall value. And those who have the beauty to lock down such men, are the lucky ones.

As men we are not the same. We place the most value in the way a woman looks…period, point blank. A female could be kind, feminine, and abide by traditional gender roles but if she’s fat and unattractive, we’ll never find out about all her attributes because we don’t want to fuck her. Call us shallow, call us whatever you want, that’s how we are and the men who admit this are the men women respect enough to stay fit for.

However, there are a very small percentage of men out there who choose their women based on her financial status. These are men who look for “sugar mamas” who are defined as older women who date younger men with the intent of paying for everything…his expenses, the roof over his head, the clothes on his back etc.

So we go back to the original question: Should Men marry for money? Knowing what we know now about the brother/red pill, the answer is HELL NO and below are the reasons why.

It’s the wrong dynamic

Traditional gender roles dictate that the man of the house be the breadwinner. In other words, he is supposed to provide for his family. In 2017 there are many variations of relationships aside from the traditional nuclear family. You’ve got co-habitating boyfriends and girlfriends, you’ve got married couples with no children, and so forth.

However, there are a growing number of these relationships where the woman makes more than the man. If it’s not a wide disparity, there’s usually no issue. But if he’s making $15/hr changing oil at Jiffy Lube and she’s vice president of marketing at a major advertising firm, that relationship’s not going to last long and if it does, she’ll step out on him for a man of higher financial status than her beau.

An older woman who corrals a younger man with the specific intent of taking care of him financially in exchange for his romantic company is still a woman. That is, her operating system is still on the lookout for a man of higher value. Sure, it may be fun to have a boy toy running around but what she really years for is the man who takes control of her, and her life.

Unfortunately women with substantial financial means rarely realize the dream of every woman as I stated in a previous episode of TSR: Live:

The relationship dynamic of woman makes more than man almost never works. If a man marries a woman because of the money she makes, that marriage will either end quickly or go stale and it’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when and it’s because of our nature and what we’re attracted to.

You are owned by a woman

Women say they don’t want to be owned but it’s only because feminism tells them that’s not what they want. But again, a female’s true desire is to surrender to a strong masculine man.  Females don’t want to be owned by weak men, they want to be owned by strong ones.

Men, on the other hand, have no interest in being owned by anyone. We want to be the ones doing the owning, giving directions, and running the show. With the exceptions of the latest iPhone, clothes, and other useless possessions that depreciate in value over time, women have no interest in owning anything. Least of all men or even other women. They are simply not designed to take on the responsibility of another grown human being other than their own children.

A man who marries a rich woman or a woman of financial means is owned by the woman. This, too, is the wrong dynamic as a man should never desire to be owned by any man or any woman. If a woman owns a man she has no respect for him and if there’s no respect, there’s no attraction.

Again, he might be puttin’ it on her in the bedroom but women want and need much more in a man than his dick. Older women with money know this but because they know they can’t attract men who can fulfill all of her sexual and non sexual needs, she does what she feels is the next best thing.

If you want a woman to take care of you you’re not a real man

Men who whore themselves out to these women aren’t real men. A real man has a strong desire to pay his own way, hang his own shingle, and be in full control of his life. These quasi-male prostitutes are selling their souls for what they think is the luxury of not working. They think it’s a great life to have some old bag pay his bills in exchange for sticking his dick in an older woman who’s at least a decade and a half past the wall.

But at the end of the day, it’s not a sustainable lifestyle for a man. Not even close.

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