Routine & Purpose – The Success Combination

Over the course of my work on, I never failed to touch up on the importance of a man’s individuality. A positive, unique outlook on life, a healthy head on the shoulders, and a fixed goal towards which you aim – all of these are the essential traits of a successful, driven man.  Without them it is hard to travel a right road, a road of success and accomplishment. Self improvement is never easy, and never quick. But its rewards are far more generous and will reward you with a true role in life. The reward is the path – a path of the man.

Today we will discuss the first steps for anyone who aims to tread this path, and that should be YOU, too. These steps are routine and purpose. They are the fearsome weapon in the hand of every self respecting man and a glimpse into the joy that can be yours too. Masculine power is that joy, and respect, and honor, and purity – they are reserved for the selected few – those who fight to attain it. You can fight too. And remember – only fighters can reach those high peaks of success. The others? Well, the others can only dream.  

Get a Grip
These following words were written many a time here on, and we won’t hesitate to write them yet again: Without a purpose in life, a man is nothing! Without a fixed goal to which he strives, a man will sink below the waves in no time, getting swept away by the ruling tides of trivial, consumerist, worthless life that is quickly surrounding all of us. That’s why you need to sit down, take a deep breath and think. Think real good – what is your goal in life? What is it that you strive for, fight for, dream of? How does the future look for you when you close your eyes? Do you like what you see in that darkness behind your close eyelids? Does your heart flutter when you think of your wildest wishes?
If it does, than it’s a good thing. You’re alive and alight with hope. Now the only thing that remains is – to fight!
Fight with passion, fight without reservation, fight with sacrifice! Fight to make your dreams and your wildest, wildest wishes – a reality. A beautiful, palpable and fully fleshed out reality. Why? Because in life, there are two kinds of men. There are those who float, carried through the restless waves of life like driftwood, to and fro – until they finally sink. They are the men that let their dreams be just that – dreams. They are the men that let their wishes become ashes.
But there’s also us. The men that swim against the current. The men that fight the restless sea and its waves. The men who will not accept the fact that their dreams will never be attained and real. We fight to make them real!

Reformed, Recalibrated, Redeemed
We would like to say to you that you need to put your life (as a self conscious and rational man) on the right track, on the successful track. The first steps to that are, as we said, routine and purpose. With these two things you will quickly see the change that you needed in your life.
Routine equals discipline. It is the guidelines of your life, the manifestation of your principles and your word. You set your daily, monthly and yearly goals, and you follow them no matter what. You stick to your routine.
Purpose is the core of it. The fiery, flaming essence that gets you up in the morning. It is the light at the end of the tunnel. And that light is different for every man out there. Find your light and follow it.

Conclusion – The Conqueror Awoken
Men all over the world need to set themselves straight on the path of strength and masculine values. Set your goals and routines and stick to them fiercely. Time will show you exactly what these routines will consist off. They need to be rewarding daily tasks. Reading, gym, running, sports, studying, writing, labor, work, helping others – these are the beacons of healthy masculine life.
Your opinions are needed, your voice needs to be heard – comment below with your own opinions, your routines, and goals in life. Share your thoughts with the other readers.
It is time that the honk-honk’s be replace with the sound of triumphant trumpets of success! Until then….Keep Conquering!

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