Running – The Best Thing You Can Do

Introduction – Chasing a Better Life
Throughout our history together here on Negromanosphere, both readers and writers alike, we all agreed many times that physical fitness plays a great role in the lives of men today. We went on discussing the many forms of staying fit, and whether it is the gym and bodybuilding, calisthenics and body weight exercises, or something along those lines, each one will do a ton of good for your mental and physical well being. We talked about the basics of bodybuilding and all the related exercises you can and should do. But today we’re adding an equally important form of exercising into the mix – running.
Easily the most natural form of exercising, and also the most simple and straightforward, running can do wonders for your body and the way you feel. It is also the cheapest way to exercise – considering it takes next to nothing to do it.
Read on as we dissect the basics of one of the perfect ways to burn of excess calories, get in decent shape and EXTERMINATE all the extra fat that you might have. Let’s run for it.

Old, Tried & Tested
First thing you get to realize is that running is as old as mankind itself. Our ancestors depended on their ability to cover great distances in as short amount of time as possible, hunting animals for their food. In a way, humans evolved specifically to be the perfect bipedal runners.
Now, this fact alone tells us that running is a perfectly natural, and also important form of exercise we can adopt.
It targets several crucial muscle groups, mostly the core, the thighs and the calves. It can also work charms to correct your posture as it naturally influences the way you run, pushing you to straighten your back.
And what’s best about it, it is easy as. All you need is either an empty street, a road, or a running track, a decent and comfortable pair of shoes and sweatpants or shorts, depending on the season. That’s it. Oh, and you’ll need your dedication and perseverance, too. If you’re out of touch, and your conditioning isn’t the best, don’t worry! Yes, the first run will be hard. You’ll want to throw up, give up, and abandon ship. But you won’t. You can’t. Then you’re going to sleep it off, and tomorrow go out there again and do another run. After that, you’ll fall in love. That’s a guarantee. You’ll keep coming back and back again, always pushing your records a step further, and feeling the full benefits of a good running session. Why? Because it is in our blood. Humans are programmed for it, naturally, and you can bet it will feel good.
A good run can get all the important juices flowing, much like a session in the gym. Pushing out 2 kilometers will get the blood running, the adrenaline starts emerging, and when you get home you will genuinely feel full of life. And in time it gets into your blood, and after that – running is all you’ll want to do.

Run For It
When beginning your first runs, you’ll want to keep your attention aimed at a few important things. First, you can either run on a treadmill, or outside, on a road or a running track. We’ll just say that running on treadmill could be a dash bit boring and lifeless, than being out beneath the sky, with the elements and the pure feeling. Next thing is the way you step forward. The general consensus is to always land on your toes, rather than your heel. Keep the back straight, head tall, and arms bent at your sides. If you can, breathe through your nose, and exhale through the mouth. When it becomes rough, just listen to your body, and breathe through your mouth. In general, everything about running is just one big natural process – you’ll quickly get a hang of it.
If you can, invest in a pair of good running shoes. I was surprised at how big of a difference a good pair can make, especially the modern soft, cloud foam shoe soles.
All in all, it costs you nothing to go out and run a single kilometer. Just give it a shot. Before you know it, you’ll be dishing out 5k runs, and ask for more. We’ll say it now – running might just be the perfect, primal exercise.

Keep in mind that running is best when mixed in between your gym days. It can also be done on its own, but know that excessive running can burn a hell of a lot of calories and fat. That’s why all those marathon, professional runners tend to be skinny af. You don’t want that.
Are you a runner? Have you had any positive experiences with outdoors running? Let us know your opinions in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you.
Until the next time – Keep Conquering!

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