Scorched Earth

Strategy of a Lame Duck President Trump

From now until January 20, 2021, Scorched Earth strategy’s on the table from a lame duck president within the White House right now. Like most military leaders throughout history whom find themselves losing precious ground during a battle, President Donald J. Trump not only refuses to concede to losing the 2020 Presidential Election but plans to push forward with law suits as well as numerous false allegations of voter fraud in dire hope of reversing what the citizens of the United States have clearly decided via the ballot.

The Two Words Donald Trump Hates Most: 'You're Fired'

You’re fired

Regardless, however, after four days of volunteers counting votes, Joseph R. Biden shall become the next President of the United States. And what does the current POTUS do in response?

“I’m going to play golf now,” Trump probably told his Secret Service. “And they’ll have to remove me kicking and screaming from the White House.”

Meanwhile, from San Francisco and Atlanta to New York and Philadelphia, the voters have voiced their freedom of choice. And they’ve chosen Biden over Trump, but not without illustrating to the entire world of just how much the United States has become even more polarized.

At the time of this article’s posting, Biden’s won more than 74 million votes versus the 70 million Trump has received during this election cycle. But for the moment, let’s just set aside facts for feelings.

Yeah, the butthurt feelings of an incumbent POTUS whom has Tweeted his emotional reaction to taking an L. He’s coming off looking like a complete sore loser.

Correction: Trump is a sore loser!

Don’t be surprised if the Don verbalizes pseudo orders to his cult followers to “liberate” their respective red states, if necessary, by deadly force. Oh, and don’t be shocked if the Tweeter-in-Chief gives the green light—or perhaps orange—to an all out second civil war.

In the coming months, probably until January 20, 2021, we can expect to see more Trump rallies. Oh, yeah, he’s not done yet. He’s going to make us all pay, dragging out the drama like a bitter, vindictive soon to be ex-wife out for some payback.

And if you think Trump will be running for a 2024 presidential bid, you’d be 100 percent correct. No doubt, the Orange One’s on one.

Yeah, sports fans, it’s just that serious. It’s really not that extreme, when dealing with extremists.

But hold on. There’s more.

I’ll revisit the other side of this (Biden/Harris Administration) to be published on Friday, November 13, 2020.

Until next time, Brothers, stay strong, watch your six, and don’t let nobody ph*ck with you!

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