Sexual Duplicity: Women and Their Prudish Façades

Ever since I published my first book, Mode One: Let the Women Know What You’re REALLY Thinking, I have had many men ask me, “Alan … what was your first major epiphany that led to you developing your Mode One philosophy and principles?”  My response is always, “When I first became aware of the concept of ‘sexual duplicity’ on behalf of women.”

To be duplicitous is the same as being ‘two-faced.’  For example, anytime a man or a woman behaves in one manner when they are in the company of one group of people, but then they behave totally differently around another group of people, that means that this man or woman is duplicitous.

One example would be if a man never uses profane language when he is around people who he knows are religious and attend church every Sunday, but then when he is around his friends and acquaintances who never attend church, he uses profanity every chance he gets.  This would be a man who is duplicitous as it relates to the language he uses around others.

A common example of a sexually duplicitous woman would be a woman who quickly reveals her erotically uninhibited (i.e., kinky) side and her promiscuous and/or polyamorous side when she is in the company of a womanizing Alpha male, but then when she is in the company of a man who she perceives as a financially generous Beta male, she all the sudden begins to carry herself as if she is extremely prudish and strictly monogamy-oriented.

Women’s sexual duplicity is the primary motivation for why so many women are manipulative with men.  In other words, if the world was full of nothing but womanizing Alpha males, women would not really have any motivation to be manipulative and/or duplicitous with men.  Similarly, if the world was full of nothing but financially generous and fawning Beta males, women’s motivation to be manipulative and duplicitous with men would be severely diminished.

The main reason why women are highly manipulative and sexually duplicitous is because most women want to ‘have their cake and eat it too.’  They want the best of both worlds.  These manipulative women want at least one man in their life who has a very entertaining and emotionally empathetic personality – and hopefully, on top of that, very financially generous – and they want another man in their life who is handsome, sexy, and extremely satisfying in bed.

Actually, I argue in my book, The Beta Male Revolution, that most women want as many as THREE different men in their lives:  One man just for sex (what I refer to as ‘The Total Alpha male’ type), one man for long-term romantic companionship (either an ‘Alpha male with a few Beta traits’ or a ‘Beta male with a few Alpha traits’), and another man strictly for non-physical, non-sexual platonic friendship only (what I refer to as ‘The Total Beta male’ type).

Only women who are virgins are as innocent and prudish as they present themselves to be.  For all other women?  They are just presenting men with a disingenuous ‘prudish façade.’  Nothing more, nothing less.

Women who are manipulative and duplicitous feel like they have something to lose with all groups of men.

With the ‘Total Alpha male’ types, women do not want to come across as ‘too prudish’ or ‘too monogamy-oriented’ because that might prevent them from experiencing some very pleasurable and satisfying casual sex that they crave very badly.

With the ‘Alpha-Beta’ types and/or the ‘Beta-Alpha’ types, women want a man in their life that is going to keep them entertained and provide them with enjoyable social companionship, a man who is willing to help them raise children, and a man who is willing to offer them some degree of financial assistance and/or support.

And finally, with the ‘Total Beta male’ types, women will frequently use their beauty and sex appeal as a ‘carrot-on-the-stick’ to attract a ‘male girlfriend’ type or ‘play brother’ type who will flatter them and listen to their problems and frustrations that usually result from their dating experiences with the other types of men mentioned above.

For example, some men will always assert, “No woman wants to be treated like a slut.”  That is not true.  Women who are manipulative and sexually duplicitous LOVE for womanizing Alpha males to treat them like a kinky slut.  Conversely, these same women hate it when a financially generous Beta male treats them in the exact same manner.

On the flip side, women who are manipulative and sexually duplicitous LOVE for financially generous Beta males to treat them like a ‘prudish good girl’ type, but these same women hate it when a womanizing Alpha male treats them in the exact same manner.

Here is what you have to keep in mind when thinking about women who are manipulative and sexually duplicitous:

Women rarely, if ever, end up married to their favorite male sex partner.  Rarely.  To take it a step further, women rarely even end up in any sort of long-term monogamous relationship with their favorite sex partner.  Manipulative women usually end up marrying the guy who is the most willing to help them raise children and/or the guy who is the most willing to provide for them financially.   Then, many of them engage in adulterous extramarital affairs with their favorite lovers on-the-side (who are usually womanizing Alpha males).  Women do not need to be married or be involved in a long-term monogamous relationship in order to secure most men’s sexual companionship.

If you want to read more about my thoughts on sexual duplicity, please check out my book, Oooooh … Say it Again: Mastering the Fine Art of Verbal Seduction and Aural Sex.

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