She Ain’t Worth the Hassle

Today’s article is in a way, a special one. It goes out to all the beginners in the manosphere world. To all those who are just now waking up to the real rights of men. We want to give a firm and re-invigorating shake to all the youngsters who might be moping about and sobbing because of some thot which they thought was perfect. It’s alright. Everyone makes that mistake – but most only once. And we’re here to make sure that it never happens again.
If you feel played, made a fool of, betrayed or abandoned – don’t! Chin up and get a hold of yourself. If you’re reading this, than your at the right place. Today Negromanosphere is teaching you just why you shouldn’t mope – we’re teaching you that she ain’t worth the hassle!

Think a Little
To get a better understanding,  or better yet – open your eyes, you should rifle through some of our previous articles here on Negromanosphere, most of which deal with the behavior and the mentality of thots. For in the end, most of them are just that. You also need to think a little. We know, sadly, that when you get dumped by a girl you liked, especially when you’re young and inexperienced, it can hurt. It can hurt like a motherfucker. But listen to the advices of those older and with more experience. Those who went through all kinds of shit. But the good thing is – you don’t have to! Consider it a cheat code – a shortcut to the real, successful, masculine life.

The Chad D
This is going to sound harsh. This is going to be the raw truth. And raw truth….well it is often harsh. And the truth is, that while you’re moping about, lamenting the “love” (read: puntang)  you didn’t get, your precious, “one of a kind” girl, is already looking for her next “one true love” (because it’s always that. Every. Single. Time.)
While you’re thinking where you made a mistake, what was done wrong, and should you try and fix it, your girl is having the ride of a lifetime. More than likely, depending on the girl, she is riding a certain carousel. The cock carousel. And for her, it’s the ride of a lifetime. For Mr. Chad, it’s another day on the job.
Yes, you did read that right. Your (she was never yours, it was only your turn) little girl is riding Chad while you’re reading this article. Let that sink in. Understand it. Accept it. Move on.
Simply put, once you were dumped, she wasted no more thoughts on you. She simply, coldly, blatantly – moved on. But so should you. Let bygones be bygones.
This cold behavior of women, the way they move on from a break-up with lighting fast speed, is perfectly explained in an article from the highly influential Red Pill manosphere called “The Rational Male”. The concept is named “War Brides”, and is the perfect example of a female, natural mentality.
This is simply explained as a subconscious self defense mechanism, a behavioral trait that serves women in order to avoid all the anguish, sadness, moping, and most importantly – guilt, that she might feel after a bad break up. In a way, she might not even realize this, since it is subconscious. So, the thot will continue on her merry own way, living her bubbly, blissful existence, and not giving a single flying fuck about the consequences of her childish, cruel actions. She simply won’t give a fuck. “It was all love!!” she’ll say, and the herd around her will munch it all up.
But this truth also helps YOU. Knowledge is power, and when you know what kind of a fucked up mechanism lies behind those pretty eyes of hers, it will be simple to move on with your life.
Because nothing is more important than your own welfare, health, success and wealth. Especially not some thot. Because, brother – she ain’t worth the hassle.

We hope that you will understand the importance behind an article such as this one. You can’t allow yourself to fail and falter because of a woman that disrespected you. She literally thought you are not worthy. And now, well now you need to make her understand her MISTAKE. By becoming the absolute best version of yourself. And when she realizes how dumb she was, it will be far too late. You’ll be hunting much bigger game.

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