Should You Bring Her Back To The United States

Traveling To New Countries Is Life Changing

Traveling the world is one of the most rewarding and memorable experiences that you will ever have. You can immerse yourself into a new culture, see sites that you would never see in your hometown, and meet people who are completely foreign to you. Many people outside of the United States live completely different lives than what we are accustomed to living. They have different ideologies than us and they behave differently, for better or for worse. Not only will the new lands you discover be beautiful, but also will the people. The reason foreign items like cars, accessories, and clothes appeal so much to us is because we rarely see it in our own environment. For example, we see Ford cars everyday, but how often do we see Lamborghinis? We see Nike shoes on everyone’s feet, but how often do we see Ferragamo Loafers? Sometimes, these foreign items are better, but usually it’s because they are foreign why we like them. The same goes for people. Many  men will go off to never before visited countries and meet women who seem like they are from another universe compared to the women from where they come. Especially for men who live in the United States. When you are a man dating and living in the United States, you deal with a lot. Many of the women you encounter will be very entitled and want a man to provide a lot when they provide very little. A lot of the women will have masculine traits and only seek the highest of the top tier men. This leads to the 80% / 20% rule. Where 80 percent of the women are only seeking the top 20% men. For the remaining 80% of men they are usually left feeling stuck and without many options. And to be clear, the remaining 80% of men who are not being selected are not bums and losers with nothing going on in their life. These are just men who happen to be average. Meaning that their income is average, their looks are average, their apartment is average, etc. Normally you would think that an average man and average woman would be a good fit, but this never happens. Even if a woman is average she will desire an above average man and will not consider a man who is average. If this was not the case the rule would not be 80% / 20%, the rule would be 50% / 50%. Meaning that things would even out. However, when average men travel to foreign countries their status rises by default. What was once considered average is now considered above average, especially in terms of income.


Changings Borders Can Boost Your Status And Income

50K a year is considered average in the United States, but 50K a year in the Dominican Republic is very high above average. This is why it’s so important for brothers who want to travel to discover ways to earn money online. If you can do this then the entire world is open to you and you don’t have to earn nearly as much money as you would when living in the United States. That takes a lot of stress off of your shoulders and allows you to focus more on living your life and less on working 24/7. Now, don’t think that this means that all brothers who travel are poor. There are millionaire entrepreneurs who still desire to make their money stretch for by owning properties and businesses overseas. No one would logically want to pay more for the exact same product when they can have it for a cheaper price elsewhere. When it comes to dating women overseas I’ve heard men say that they can never date an American woman again after dating women overseas. They’ve expressed that women overseas are more submissive, feminine, appreciative, and loyal. Of course if you speak their native language then that’s even more of a plus. There have been many arguments in the Travel community as to why this is the case. Are you just that much more attractive to women overseas, or are women overseas simply attracted to your bank account? I’m sure it’s a mix of both. You are a foreign man with much more money than most of the men in their economy, therefore, you may have been in the bottom 80% of men in the United States, but in a foreign country you are in the top 20% and that makes a huge difference. Now, for the men who say that women in a foreign country only want you for your money and other resources, that’s why they behave so submissively. My question is what do women in the United States want you for? Your good looks? If women in the United States are only dating the top 20% of men then that also implies that they want you for your resources and money. Of course, this is not indicative of all women, however, many brothers express that they feel like nothing more than a wallet when they are on dates in the United States.


You Think You’ve Found “The One”?

Now you may think that you have found the one woman you have been waiting for your entire life, but all is not as it seems. You think that this is the perfect woman for you and you desire to sweep her off of her feet and take her back home with you to the United States. You are willing to sponsor her VISA and maybe even get married. I can’t say that I blame you. With the terrible dating experiences that brothers have in the states, meeting a woman overseas who is the complete opposite of what you are used to can be refreshing. However, understand that the reason she is like that is because of her environment. She was not raised in a “western society” as many would say. She was raised in a place where the cultural rules are different and because of that she behaves differently. For example, if a boy was raised in the “hood” amongst gangsters and drug dealers then he will no doubt become a product of his environment. However, if he is raised in an environment where education is a primary focus and business principles are instilled then he will become just that. If you take a feminine, submissive, and caring woman from her home and bring her to the United States you are asking for trouble. There are many things that could go wrong.


What Could Go Wrong?

She could be simply using you to get what she wants “green card” and then leave you at a moment’s notice. She could be genuine while in her homeland, and then when she gets to the United States she could switch her tune. She could go from being feminine and submissive to aggressive and masculine. And once she becomes a documented legal resident of the United States, it’s not like you can just send her back. All of this is assuming that you don’t have a child with her. If you have a child with her and she gives birth in the United States then she is almost guaranteed to be granted a US passport and her child as well. However, if she gives birth in her homeland then she will undoubtedly have a much difficult time entering into the United States. I do not advise that you bring a woman that you have met overseas back to the United States. There are too many things that could go wrong, and only a few things that can go right. Therefore, the risk is not worth the reward. My best advice would be to find a way to live in her country and work online. There are ways to get around this without becoming a citizen. Things like obtaining student VISAS, buying property, starting a business, etc. Many countries will allow you to stay for longer than a tourist would if you invest money into the country. Therefore, be sure to do your own research. However, if you think that they way that she is now will be the same when she comes back to your home country is very inaccurate. There are many stories of brothers going through messy divorces and stressful situations dealing with foreign women who the chose to bring back to the United States with them.

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