The Significance Of Being Well Dressed

Well Dressed

For every young man struggling in today’s world, which is oversaturated with wrong values that are largely imposed by leading brands and corporations, staying on top can be a difficult task to achieve. These young men are tasked with discovering themselves and their style, in a market that is disrupted by a plethora of liberal, tasteless and immoral fashion that works towards the disfigurement of traditional values and class.
Luckily, as an inherited value, we believe that class will never go out of style. It’s simple – people around you will always react better seeing a sharp dressed, good looking and groomed man, that cares about his style and leaving a good impression with his fashionable style.  And when dealing with important tasks in life, this first impression can be of crucial significance. Whether going to an interview for a new job, a first date, an important meeting or heading out to meet girls, all of these will be significantly easier if you take care of your look. Because, let’s face it, everyone takes notice of the classy, good looking guy. He’s like a beacon shining in the mass of bland, simple looking men who don’t consider the importance of their clothing. And as the saying goes: “The ladies
love a well dressed player”.


First Impressions


In a world filled with prejudice and loathing, a good first impression can be a deal breaker. A good impression can be achieved with manners, charisma, confidence and good social skills. A firm handshake, maintained eye contact and a confident countenance can help you a lot. But to help you find this confidence and renewed charisma, you’ll need to take care of your outfit. You would be surprised how much a fitting, tailored outfit will do for your confidence and morale. With a newly found confidence such as that, you will feel ready to conquer any obstacle in your way, and this very feeling can be a major improvement in your life, whether dealing with business, dating or stress.
But, in order to pull all this off, you will need to take care of your physique. Being overweight will not help you enough. If you invest enough time and effort into making your body fit and lean, you will soon start feeling healthier, confident and invincible. Dedicate two hours each day and hit the gym or work out at home. After a month, the results will be undeniable. And after a few months – the world will be yours to conquer.

Tailored to Your Budget

Now, you might be thinking – how can you afford a stylish outfit if you’re struggling with money and bills, as a student, or low on cash? Well, you can still look good on a budget. No need to aim for the expensive tailored suits and dress shirts straight away. Even with a tight budget you can compile a great outfit with some careful observation and selection. Consider your budget and what you’re looking for and start searching. There’s always a sale somewhere, with great deals when quality and price are taken into consideration. You can also consider outlets and second hand boutiques, as they often have great deals with top of the range clothing brands on sale. Another option to consider is online sales and dealers, or auction sites such as e-bay. Anything can be accomplished with a bit of searching and flexibility. One man’s junk, another man’s treasure.


Dating Simplified


With confidence newly established, and a flame returned, you will be amazed at how much more simpler it will be to consider dating and approaching ladies. The mind affirms that with your carefully composed outfit you are seen in a better light, as a suitable partner and an established person, someone with an aim and a path. Chicks will notice that, and for the first time, being around women will be amazing. You can flirt, chat and talk to women feeling like a thousand bucks, and they will sense this confidence. And with a sharp style, they’ll latch on to you with a tight grip.
Investing in a sexy perfume, a nice wrist watch, a tailored, fitting dress shirt and a pair of trousers and leather shoes will get you places. Places you never even dreamed of while you were an overweight shadow, lurking about in a worn out hoodie, jeans and sneakers. With such an investment, and such a renewed look, you will feel as a man reborn. It is true that “clothes do not make the man”, but a man will be better understood and accepted if he stands out purely with style and manners. And it is this very man that ladies will flock too, after they get a whiff of that sexy cologne and after they blush to your generous compliments. It is, in the purest sense of the word, what being a gentleman is all about.




Now, there’s no need to go overboard and overdress. You shouldn’t always look like a CEO of a bank, but instead aim to achieve a perfect blend between style and casual wear. If you lack an eye for looking good, which shouldn’t be a virtue of a real man, consider asking people close to you for tips and opinions. You can also check out internet articles and proposals, as they can be often helpful and full of fantastic looks for a gentleman. Once you achieve this important step in your life, you will finally realize the change that begun in your life. A much needed change that will set you on a path of a confident, successful man.

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