How The Slay Queens of Uganda Ruined Femininity For African Women

Kampala is a great  place to visit. The weather is awesome, the people are friendly,  the nightlife  is electric , and the women have asses the size of Mount Everest. However, there is a demon running rampant within the parameters of Uganda’s greatest city:



Note: Her feet are way bigger in person. Even though she is wearing these 5 dollar cheap ass Jesus Sandals, her toes are longer than most grown men’s penises and even Magnum condoms are not big enough for each toe (including the pinky). 

One may ask the question: “WHAT   IS A SLAY QUEEN?” I am so glad that you have asked such an intelligent question.


According to, the Slay Queen is as follows:

  1. Young and naive girls who apparently do not date broke men. They spend hours on Snapchat and Instagram showing off things they don’t even own.


2.   Girls who do not have a wealthy background but appear as if they do. They use malicious acts to attain cash, drink expensive alcohol, procure expensive cellphones. But back at home she’s a chicken chaser.


Upon recognition of the aforementioned definitions, you might assume there is nothing different from the behavior of Ugandan women in comparison with female counterparts in varying parts of the world. While that argument could certainly hold true to the extension of the defense, there is one shocking cultural trait of the Ugandan Slay Queen that is dissimilar. The Ugandan Slay QUEEN FEELS ENTITLED to a man’s money REGARDLESS if she has sex with him or not.

Ugandan Slay Queens are lazy, unmotivated, and most likely raised to obtain this worthless mindset by their single mothers. Like their African American female counterparts, they believe that EVERYTHING is owed to them by Black or African Men. However, this strain of entitlement is much worse than what many  women suffer from in America. Ugandan Slay Queens DEMAND at her behest that you PAY FOR EVERYTHING without her giving you ANYTHING in return.

Let’s look at this example with this bitch I met in June of last year when I first visited Uganda.


I met her while she was working at Club Space, a bar in the city of Kampala. While she is very attractive with a super phat ass, she is an example of this entitlement of this SLAY QUEEN mindset that some  Ugandan women   have. While she was bartending, I offered to take her to dinner to get to know her better. I did not know that she was a single mother with 2 kids froƒm some guy she wasn’t even married to.


The next day after meeting her, we messaged on Facebook as you can see below:


Keep in mind, she is trying to set me up for a pity story when she talks about how “hard” it is to survive in Africa.


Here, this chick is starting to blame her two kids on the fact that Ugandan men are “not serious about their responsibilities.” Too bad she had no issue fucking Ugandan men without condoms and getting pregnant and having kids by them. Just like women every where, Ugandan Slay Queens are UNACCOUNTABLE for their own issues  that they cause on themselves.


Here is where this Ugandan Slay Queen is going to try to set me up to get some money out of me because she feels I am  a Black American.



Ok…here she is trying set me up to ask me for $500 for a one time sexual escapade.

Now as a calculated thinker, I ask her how much she makes in one month. She tells me $100.


So stop the show. She only makes $100 a month, but she is asking me $500 for some furniture?


In the next phase, I offered her roughly 100,000 shillings (close to $30) and she wasn’t so happy about that for some of that ass.


To sum this all up, she felt she was entitled to get $500 for one screw…but she can’t even get $500 for 5 months of WORK!


The mentality of the Ugandan Slay Queen is that all men MUST give her money at her behest EVEN THOUGH she chooses to sleep with men (like her baby father) who can’t do shit for her at all!

Who do I Blame for these women lack of respect for men?

Ugandan men are definitely partly to blame. Their inability to control their own economies and control their women relates to the pompous and shitty attitudes that Ugandan women (with the Slay Queen Culture mindset) exudes to men in general. If anyone goes to Uganda, you will notice the Indians, whites, and Lebanese men having their way with Ugandan women. At the restaurant Cafessiere in Acacia Mall, I saw many 60 and 70 year white men having the BEST LOOKING Ugandan women on their arms. Why is this? The answer is simple: UGANDAN MEN HAVE FAILED TO CONTROL THEIR OWN ECONOMY AND THE WOMEN HAVE NO RESPECT FOR THEM. Furthermore, Ugandan women with this Slay Queen Mindset have most likely lost respect for African men period. Ugandan men have not set any standards for Ugandan women to follow. Instead of correcting these dysfunctional behaving women, Ugandan men are only thinking with their dicks. For their lack of entrepreneurial mindset, Ugandan women speak poorly upon Ugandan men. They call them lazy, irresponsible, and unmotivated. Whenever a group of women have a lack of respect for their men, they will feel entitled at their behest to require anything from men WHILE they give NOTHING. Ugandan men better wake  up and start working together to control their economy. When men control their economies, they control their women.

Why do Ugandan Slay Queens have this  entitlement mentality???

The answer is simple. Many East African women are being raised by SINGLE MOTHERS. The VERY worst thing that can happen to an Ugandan woman is to be raised SOLELY by her mother. The reason is she will have almost ZERO respect for Ugandan or African Men.


Ugandan Slay Queens have absolutely ZERO work ethic. They contribute absolutely ZERO to their society. However, because they believe they have a Big ass and a pretty face, all men MUST give them money like this chick below:


Ugandan men need to be firm and put these Slay Queens in their place. These women with this Slay Queen Mentality  feel like the ONLY need to bring a big ass or breasts to a man. They bring absolutely nothing else to the table for an Ugandan man or an American man to benefit from.

What is the typical day of Ugandan Slay Queen?


Most Ugandan Slay Queens spend all day doing absolutely NOTHING! Many of them are afraid to work, or be productive in Ugandan society. Instead, most Ugandan Slay Queens spend their time being lazy as partying all night and sleeping during the day. Ugandan Slay Queens beg men for money all day on Whatsapp, Facebook, and any other place they can get it. The unique thing about the countless begging is that they believe men should give them their hard earned money WITHOUT having sex.

Let’s take this chick for example below:



She had the nerve to ask me to take out her  friends for drinks AND Finance her birthday party. The big footed monster also felt like she was owed the sponsorship without ever having sex with ANY man.

As these women age, they will soon find themselves poor, lonely, and destitute. I would definitely not recommend any African American or Western Man take any women from this country seriously due to the virus mindset of the Slay Queen Mentality.

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