Social media creates yet another dangerous pattern for Hip Hop

Yesterday, during a VLAD TV interview, Brother Lynch explained how he got involved with his current music manager. Apparently, during his rap battle days, the Sacramento rapper ran into his music rep while proposing a battle session that ultimately lend into a strong friendship.

Back then, taking a stab at someone’s Rap persona was completely natural and if you had the right words to make a comeback, things usually ended without any violence being involved. Now, the new wave of rappers are on opposite terms. Let’s break down what happened in the last few weeks in the Hip Hop world and how social media almost led to two tragedies.

Ski Mask The Slump God gets jumped on and off stage

During a live performance, up and coming Florida rapper Ski Mask The Slump God was jumped on stage by several individuals associated with Rob Stone. Not willing to let things be, the crew caught Ski Mask outside the venue once the show was over and jumped him once again just to make sure their message was clear.

The aftermath? Everyone celebrated the 30 vs. 1 knockout while the solo rapper was lying down unconscious in his underwear.

*Viewers discretion is advised

Rob Stone gets replaced with Ski Mask The Slump God on 2017 Rolling Loud Lineup

Things took a quick turn when Rob Stone took a financial punishment from the Rolling Loud reps. After jumping his Rap rival a month earlier, Stone was kicked out and replaced with no one other than Ski Mask The Slump God for the 2017 edition of the festival.

“Due to recent events, the festival has decided that the safest course of action is to remove Rob Stone from the Rolling Loud Festival 2017 lineup in order to maintain a safe concert experience for fans and artists alike,” Rolling Loud reps said.

Despite Rob Stone claiming that he got paid not to show up for his performance, it is unlikely that the rapper received the full amount amount he agreed upon to deliver his set. Even so, he lost the opportunity to deliver his talent to a new crowd along with Kendrick Lamar, Future, Lil Wayne, A$AP Rocky, Travis Scott, and several other Hip Hop heavyweights.

XXXtentacion gets knocked out live on stage

Ski Mask The Slump God affiliate XXXtentacion was obviously upset with the previous incident involving his friend and Hip Hop collaborator getting jumped. Tentacion, another up and coming Florida rapper, threaten Stone with the same treatment if he ever had the opportunity.

This week however, during a live performance in San Diego, XXXtentacion got blindsided with a horrific punch that led to him being knocked out and carried off stage by security. Various sources confirm that Rob Stone is behind this incident as well.

*Viewers discretion is advised

X then went on Instagram asking the people involved to kill him next time as he doesn’t plan to shut up.

The reason why it all happened

You guessed it – social media. Everything started when the rappers involved started to take stabs at each other on Twitter. Who lost the “beef”? Even if no one is willing to admit, everyone did except for the “fans”. The fans, however, will be rewarded for their role in this drama when it will no longer be safe to attend their favorite rapper’s concert.

On top of everything, Drake, accused by XXXtentacion in the past for jacking his song “Look at me”, jumped on Instagram to like a few comments praising the up and coming Florida rapper’s stage drop.

What Drake completely forgot about is that his long time friend and boss almost went through the same treatment when he was performing at Rolling Loud this year.

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