Sonya Curry Files For Divorce From Dell Curry! A Long And Costly Divorce Ahead.


Father of NBA Champion and NBA MVP Steph Curry, Dell Curry, is in for a long and costly divorce proceedings in the upcoming months. Recently, a divorce petition was filed on him by his wife, Sonya Curry. Dell Curry was also a NBA player who won the 6th man of the year awards in 1994, and is the all time leading scorer for the Charlotte Hornets with over 9,000 points scored in his 16 year playing career. Why do high profile athletes and former athletes continue to have divorce petitions filed on them and be on the losing end of child support and child custody battles? We see these stories play out in the media over and over and over again. When you are a wealthy man who has managed to accumulate a significant amount of resources over the years you must understand that when you decide to get married, or impregnate a woman, you are putting your precious assets in jeopardy.


Historically and statistically, men have always had a majority of divorces filed against them. With the divorce rate in the United States being north of 50%, and women initiating 80% plus percent of divorces, the chances of surviving a marriage are unlikely. The problem, however, is not the divorce filing because people break up everyday. The problem is how a man’s hard earned assets are split up during the divorce, usually by a judge who doesn’t know you, nor do they care about you. As millions of men become privy to divorce proceedings amongst high profile men, which are available for public record, they now have a decision to make. Do they continue to get married knowing the major risks involved, or do they instead decide to pursue their careers and ambitions while rejecting societal expectations such as marriage and starting a family. Sonya Curry accuses Dell Curry of cheating on her with multiple groupies and gold-diggers, and Dell Curry claims that she has been cheating with former New England Patriots player Steven Johnson. After 33 years of marriage, which is a lifetime compared to modern day marriage, Dell Curry now has his net worth threatened to be split in half. Dell Curry is 57 years old, there is no way he can make up for losing half of his net worth in the remaining years of his life without some major business deal.


We’ve seen time and time again that even when the woman is in the wrong, she can still win in court after she has filed for divorce. The system in the United States is absolutely unjust and unfair, therefore, when you go to the courthouse and sign your legal name on documents you are binding yourself to an agreement that has the potential to haunt you in the following years. Dell Curry, who spent 16 years playing in the NBA, is once again under public scrutiny and judgment. And to make matters worse Dell’s own son, Stephen Curry, has chosen to take the side of his mother, no doubt influenced by Ayesha Curry. This means that Dell Curry will struggle to see his grandchildren due to his children siding with the mother. Men must understand that it doesn’t matter who is right and who is wrong, all that matters is who the court, family, and public sides with. And so far, it seems like Dell Curry is holding a losing hand. After seeing what womne like Brittany Renner, Nicole Young, and now Sonya Curry have done, men of value with something to lose should be aware of the women they are dealing with and think long and hard if they decide to enter into a legally binding marriage in the United States.

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