Spinning rim sneakers projected to make a comeback for 2018

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It looks like 2001 will be on again with spinning rim sneakers projected to make a comeback in early 2018. Check out all the details below!

Despite NBA players rocking tight jeans and sweaters part of the latest fashion trends, it looks like 2001 will be on again with spinning rim sneakers projected to make a comeback in early 2018.

That’s right, DADA Creative owners are somewhere out there rubbing their hands as Latrell Sprewell, the ex-NBA player who made the kicks famous, announced that the unique design will make a second debut next year.

For those of you who can’t remember the release, DADA took the fashion world by storm while incorporating spinning rims into the upper of their shoes to pay homage to the car-customization culture that was trending back in the early 2000. Sprewell himself, the first person to co-sign the brand’s spinning rim sneakers, had a high-end tire and rim shop. So the picture was pretty much completed for basketball and Hip Hop fans.

And yes, the kicks were actually designed for basketball while DADA broke bank selling the concept on Ebay. The company also endorsed a similar pair for Sacramento Kings All-Star Chris Webber. Back then in 2002, Webber rocked his pair of Dada CDubzz in the All-Start Game that took place in Philly.

Unfortunately for their fans, that was the last time DADA made a stand in the sneaker world, until now. Kevin Garnett, Latrell Sprewell’s former teammate, broke the news a few months ago followed. Garnett was followed by Sprewell himself that allegedly went on Twitter to confirm it.

Kevin Garnett and Sprewell also discussed further details about the upcoming release in Garnett’s Area 21 show. No specific details were offered but DADA’s endorsee asked his former teammate for help while Garnett seemed down to revamp the outrageous shoe line.

Allegedly, Sprewell also announced that Reebok will be making the shoes instead of his former partners DADA. The ex-basketball player also announced that the spinners are projected to make an early 2018 comeback. Up until this point, no one from DADA or Reebok confirmed the news with Garnett and Sprewell keeping quiet themselves. What’s true is that, the Latrell has some huge financial issues while having two of his homes foreclosed upon, and being prohibited from seeing his children.

A retro release of his signature line might help the ball player reach a better financial status if the shoes will trend again. Until further details, feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section. Would you rock the spinning sneakers yourself?

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