Spring is the Season for Cleaning to bring in the Summer Gleaming

hand in orange glove cleaning window with green rag

Every season requires a set of nutritional needs to maintain good health, and spring is no exception, a man’s body change any many ways, men must learn to detox the organs and the blood, fast, cleanse the entire intestinal track, sweat via sauna, safe exercise and sound sleep and rest.

The Golden key to attaining optimal health success is learning your body needs and detriments, and since everybody has a different body type, requires different levels of nutrition, while spring will bring massive amounts of pollen into the environment affecting millions of people, one potential solution to this problem is to go to your local farmer’s market and purchase unprocessed honey produced and harvested less than thirty miles of where you live to subdue the pollen impact.

Locally produced quality honey will contain many of the botanical properties found in pollen condensed into simple sugars which constitute honey.

Taking a table spoon of local honey mixed with a teaspoon powdered herb of your choice taken twice a day will address allergy issues, as well as a facial steam using the classic tent style of using a towel over your head and around the pot which you use, adding several drops of tea tree or eucalyptus oil into the water which should preferably be distilled water.

Instructions to address pollen allergies

  • Two Gallon pot no aluminum or non-stick, use enamel or stainless steel
  • One Gallon of distilled water
  • Organic essential eucalyptus or tea tree oil
  • Clean Towel
  • Small face towel

Place the pot on the stove and add the distilled water and bring to a boil, then take it off the stove and place it on your table with the small face towel placed under the hot pot so that it does not damage the table surface. Then add several drops of eucalyptus or tea tree oil or both into the hot distilled water and stir quickly then seat yourself comfortably at the table and place the towel over your head and the pot, holding your head twelve to fourteen inches from the pot and allow the steam to open your pores, take short pauses as necessary, and continue until the water stops steaming. Then place the pot back on the stove for second session repeating the process over and over for at least three sessions exactly like the first session, do not dump the water, use each and every time.

After the three sessions, wash your face and clean out your nostrils in warm water with two tablespoons of sea salt, then splash your face with cool water, then dry your face and oil your face with coconut oil or shaebutter. Do this several times per week, better results will be experienced to address the pollen impact.

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