Starting From Zero

Way back in the late Eighties I was walking through a university gym.  Now mind you I was just starting school and I was just checking things out.  At the time I didn’t lift weights and had zero interest in doing so.   So I’m walking along and I see this FINE sista!   She had the total package.   She had a pretty face and a killer body.   I kid you not, everything was proportioned from head to toe.  If Instagram was around back then she would have been an instant millionaire.   Not being shy I approached and laid down my best mack.   She was receptive.  As we were talking she asked if I worked out.  As fine as she was I did what any man would do in that situation.  I told the requisite lie.  I said, “Yeah I work out but I haven’t done so in a long time.  I need to get back into it.”  She responded, “That’s okay.  You just have to start from zero.”   That conversation would be start of a lifelong philosophy I would employ.   Sometimes a man has to start from zero.

It is said that average millionaire will go bankrupt three times in his life and this is after becoming a millionaire.  It was well documented the number of failures President Trump has had in business.   Not just billionaires, but ordinary people will fail at something in life.   People will have failed businesses, get fired or laid off from jobs, break up from mates, and a variety of things.  It’s a part of this thing we call life.   Unfortunately many people will go on a downward spiral and never get back up.   No homeless person was born on the street.  Indeed in conversations with some you find out they had good jobs, families, and in some cases were well educated professionals.   Many things can bring even the highest down.

Personally I’ve gone through some things.  I’ll save the details for a future book.  For now let’s just say I’ve gone low after achieving a level of success.   The thing is I didn’t stay low.   I’ll share this with you.  When I was going low I purposely started shedding a lot of dead weight including useless possessions, clothes, and even a car.    I knew I had to start at zero and wanted to be as unencumbered as possible.   It’s hard to start at zero when you have baggage from the life that brought you low to begin with.

To start from zero means quite literally that.   A man has to start at the bottom.   There is no shame in this.  It is what it is.  The beauty is that when you start at zero you have the knowledge of not making the same mistake twice.   If you are starting from zero because you lost a job the next job you know not to make the same mistakes that cost you the first job.   If you are starting from zero because of business failure you can take the experience into another business and not repeat the mistakes of the first business.   The greatest starting from zero moment for many men is when they break-up from a woman or get divorced.

For many men a break-up is a traumatic experience.   They have built a life with this woman even though they may not have been married.  Of course it’s worse if it’s a divorce.   Some men never recover from that trauma.   A man is forced to start from zero.  He just has to examine what he did right and what he did wrong and use that to build his life back up.   He may have to let go of some ideas and even his lifestyle.   It may be necessary because he can build from a new foundation.

A man may have to start from zero several times in his life.  Indeed if he is living life to its fullest he will be forced to do this.  It’s okay though.   Getting back to that fine sista who told me to start from zero, I didn’t get with her.  That being said, I followed her advice and started lifting weights, starting from zero, and in the end I would hook up with several equally fine sistas.

Never be afraid to start from zero.

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