Starting Your Weight Loss Journey Is Easy!


Progress Made From September 2017 To April Of 2019

If you are overweight you need to stop what you are doing and read this article. This article outlines exactly what you need to do to start your weight loss journey. For those of you who don’t know me allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jay. On YouTube I go by Jay – SPK Lifestyle and on Instagram I go by king.spk.

Not too long ago, I was just like you; overweight, actually I was obese. I was 434 lbs standing at a height of 5 feet and 9 inches. I was puzzled as to how it was possible for me to balloon to such an enormous proportion of a human. Although many things were going in my favor in my life I was completely miserable. My social life was nearly transparent and my dating life was non-existent. I turned to sites such as YouTube and electronics such as PlayStation to get me through my weekend. I was on the road to a heat attack and major health complications. 

Then one day, out of the blue, for seemingly no apparent reason I decided that I needed to change. Now ultimately, when I think about it longer it was a culmination of reasons that I began my weight loss journey, but for why I started exactly in the month of November and the year of 2016, when I should have started long ago, befuddles me. 

Since then, I have lost 200 pounds going from a weight of 434 lbs to 234 lbs and still dropping. Losing weight has improved my life in so many ways and I know that it can do the same for you. It’s helped me socially; men give me more respect due to having a muscular frame. It’s helped me romantically; women are attracted to me physically, which in turn allows for me to have to focus less on dressing excessively nice and talking slick. Now, I’m able to simply be myself and that’s good enough. It’s helped me in my career; I’m not discriminated against in the work place and thought of as lazy simply because of my size. Today, I’m am thought of as “the muscle” on the team to help out with more physically strenuous tasks. And now that I have explained how losing weight changed my life I’m going to tell you what you need to do to lose weight to change your life.

Here we go!

The very first thing you need to do to start losing weight is to START! It’s really that simple. If you don’t start your journey you will never get to the end. Does that make sense? Even if you have a journey as long as I did, or even longer. If you don’t start you’ll never reach your destination. However, in case you are wondering when exactly you should start your journey then I’ll elaborate further. 

You should start your weight loss journey the day you realize that you are overweight. Even if you look in the mirror and say, “These jeans don’t fit anymore, but I don’t look THAT much fatter.” This is the moment you start. If you are gaining weight, specifically fat, and you are not pregnant, or going through puberty, then you need to start your weight loss journey. 

Here is the mistake I made and I surely hope that you do not make it. I knew I was gaining weight rapidly. I could not fit into jeans that I wore 5 months ago. At one point, I had a pair of jeans split at the seams at work due to the size of my thighs when I was going to pick something up off of the ground. Was it embarrassing? Absolutely, but I share this with you because I know that I’m not the only person who has went through such an event. 

I noticed it was harder for me to bend down and tie my shoes. I noticed that I became more and more sedentary. Even though I refused to step on a scale, I saw my face getting puffier and puffier. But why did I continue to prolong starting my journey? I don’t know that answer. My suggestion to you is that you DO NOT do this. Weight is very easy to “creep” onto you as you are moving through life. As soon as you notice yourself gaining weight start your journey that day!

Next, you need to mentally prepare yourself for the task you are about to partake. Weight loss is no easy feat. Ask the millions of people who are trying to lose weight and have been unsuccessful. Yes, you will have to completely change your life. Yes, you will have to change your eating habits. Yes, you will have to start exercising. And yes, you may lose some friends. It’s a part of the journey to reclaiming your life and your happiness. If you are unable to make the drastic, long-term changes needed then your weight loss will be failed, or short-lived. 

What I told myself in the very beginning, and what I continue to tell myself even to this day is that it’s a long, long journey. There is no point in trying to rush weight loss. You aren’t going to safely lose 20 pounds in one month. It just won’t happen. You should be grateful that you are losing 1 pound each week. That’s amazing! While Crash dieters and fad dieters Mays have great initial success, they don’t make it in the long run. 

You have to truly sustain your weight loss in a healthy manner. So, on the day that you start make sure you don’t set any time tables too soon. Just start and figure out what you feel comfortable with and in 1 month you can assess your progress. Remember, slow and steady wins the race because weight loss isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon. 

If you found value from this article please share it with a friend. And if you’ve been inspired to start your weight loss journey after reading this article please let me know about it; I’d love to hear from you. Lastly, if you are on your weight loss journey I would like for you to remain strong and continue to press on. It will only get harder as you get closer to your goal, but once your reach your goal it will all be worth it. 

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