Stay True to Yourself

Today we have a special topic to discuss, a sort of torch that we want to hand on to all those young, up and coming guys. We now that a nudge, and a burst of hope is all that is often needed, and we’re always here to provide just that.
Stay true to yourself – that’s the today’s headline, and we want to stress how important it is in today’s modern world, where a lot of our goals and dreams and hopes are usually snuffed out and never see the light of day. But we want you to fight. To realize that you owe it to yourself to never give up on your goals and all your strivings. For what else defines you as a man, if not those very goals to which you move with each day. We want you to ignore the naysayers, the world with its attempts to corner you and box you in, set you into its own mold and on its own path. Ignore them, fight them, and stay true to yourself!

Your Path, Your Rules
Successful men are self defined, sculptors of their own successes and accomplishments. Without goals to strive towards, without motivation to keep them going, without reasons to fight for – men are nothing. They quickly go under.
And as we said once before, men with a unique path in life, a unique definition, they are never part of the mass. They travel their own road to success, and often stay to the side of the main herd. That’s why the others often see fit to constrain them, to box them in and make them a part of that mass to which everyone belongs. But that’s the death of the unique and self made man. Instead of being self made you are made by the mass, by the society. And that’s never a good thing.
That is why you need to stay true to yourself. Only you know what grinds your gears, what gets you up in the morning, and what it is that you dream of when lights go out. Only you know what the ideal future for you looks like, and what the ideal outfit or lifestyle is. And you need to keep that alive. Do what you want to, dress the way you want to, look the way you want to. It’s your path. And you got to stay true to it.

What is Owed
After all, you owe it to yourself, to all the potential that lies in store within you, and could make or break your future. Becoming a part of the mass, a man and his potential can get wasted. You get ground down, eroded by the death of those goals and dreams you once had but never managed to fulfill. In time, bitterness comes, and seeps into your core. It’s ugly. Mass swallows, it clones people after one same, bitter and featureless mold and creates a big unfulfilled lump. A lump of which you DO NOT want to be a part of.
You OWE it to yourself to be different, to be whatever you want to be. The wildest dreams must be pursued. Ambitions need to be acted upon. Risks taken, chances taken. You owe it to yourself to fight for the best version of yourself, and the best future for you and whomever else you decide to take along on the journey. ‘Cause in the end, it’s only the one life we’ve got. You best play your cards right.

Falling under is easy. Getting back on that path of yours is not always so easy, and sometimes even impossible. So think of yourself as a stubborn mule – there’s only one way, and that’s forward. There’s only one mission and that is your life’s goal, your dream that you’re sculpting, step by step, inch by inch, year by year. And one day it will be accomplished. Because you’ll fight for it.
What gets you up in the morning? What is your motivation for the future? Share your path with us, we’d like to hear your comments.
Do you have ideas? Wishes for the next article? Comment down below and let us know. And as always – until the next time, keep conquering!

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