Staying in Shape While Traveling

Working Out Safely During COVID-19

Don't Let COVID-19 Excuse You From Working Out While Traveling.

So, the next time if any of you so-called alpha males bump into this bona fide, filled with pride sigma warrior, don’t feel intimated to ask me that infamous question from the action flick John Wick: “Evening, Marcus. . . You, uh, workin‘ again?”

Only this time, the “noise complaint” would be coming from all of the dumbbells I’m bangin’ ‘n clangin’ during the wee hours of the morning (evening lifting as well). Oh, and the only trail of metaphorical dead bodies that’ll require a “dinner reservation” will be those unwanted fat cells burnt from an ongoing preemptive attack of active resistance training and breath taking cardio.

Yeah, I’m tawkin’ ’bout workin’ out, staying in tip-top shape while traveling. I mean, after all, those abs aren’t going to crunch themselves.

Back, traps and biceps day in Kenya

That’s right, Brothers. I’ll never let COVID-19 be an excuse for not pumping iron, rather States side or overseas.

Now if you’re ever in the Embakasi District of Nariobi, Kenya, don’t hesitate to drop into Gym House. A family-owned and operated spot for hardcore gym rats whom are about their business with zero to minimum cell phone chatter.

Once you’ve landed at your overseas destination, jet lag usually sets in. There’s an array of preventive measures to lessen this common effect after a long flight; however, I’ll let you research them on your own.

Remember the slogan last year in 2020? “We’re in this together!”

Well, I was going to say that I’m doing my part with this article. Therefore, you should do yours afterwards.

But that’s not how the Fraternity of Iota Phi Beta, aka International Passport Brothers, get down. So, here ya go.

Get your azz up

Look, if you have the time to eat, party and sleep, then you should make an effort to maintaining a firm body. Of course, this is assuming you’re already keeping a vigorous exercise routine along with healthy eating habits.

As I mentioned, whenever you’re traveling, you have to really stay on your grind. It’s so easy to slip, trip and fall into poor eating and zero body movement whatsoever.

And hey, I’m not immune from this anymore than the rest of you reading this. Then again, to combat it, one of my personal reminders are an old, worn ‘n torn pair of cargo shorts I copped from a big and tall retail outlet.

Male vanity won’t allow me to disclose the actual waist size of those now ultra-comfortable walking shorts. However, I will say that whenever I’m tempted to consume some bowlsheet Franken food with a side order of sugary drink, I just pull out the simpoholic Fat Boy Roy clothes to get me back on track.

Now walk the bloody plank

“But what if we can’t find a local gym, Marcus?” Okay, there’s a quick ‘n free remedy to that as well via an old-school app called Outside.

Yes, nothing more organic and natural than using your own body weight to build and/or maintain upper body mass and strength. Also, your primary care provider will tell you that push ups and planks are less stressful than bench pressing several plates above your pecs.

Likewise, when it comes to nutrition, I say create your own alkaline water. Why? Well, you’ll avoid unnecessary sugar and artificial colors and flavors.

Before, during and after your daily workout, just fill up on fresh water with a few slices of lemon, lime or whatever fruit that’s tasty for you. You’ll have fewer muscle cramps to boot, and less of a gut.

Well, that’s it for keeping a tight and fit body while globe trotting. I sincerely hope this helps.

So, until next time, Brothers, please stay strong, watch your damn six, and whatever you do, don’t let anybody ph*ck with you!

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