Stealing Billy the Beta’s Woman

If you’re a regular follower of the Negromanosphere, then you certainly know the special emphasis we place on the right masculine values. In one of our recent articles, we talked about crushing the so-called “soyboy” image – the rising trend of spineless dweebs and cucks. For men with a rational head on their shoulders, this choice is clear – you want to be the exact opposite of such “men”. Well, this trend and image will serve as the example for the topic we are discussing today. That’s who Billy the Beta from the title is – it’s just another slang term for a cuck, a nobody. And the topic is straightforward – we’ll discuss a thing that can happen naturally and easily – stealing his woman.
This article directly connects to one of our recent ones – “Hypergamy: Why She WILL Branch Swing” – and takes the look from the other side, so make sure to check that article out if you haven’t already.
So read on as we dissect the nature of Mr. Billy the Beta, what he actually is in a relationship, and how it will all lead to YOU stealing the thot from under his nose. Read on!

The Walking ATM
Being a high caliber thot is not an easy or a cheap role. We discussed these facts in our previous articles like the “21st Century Plague” or “Everything Wrong With the Modern Thot” and went into detail about this toxic mentality. So the one crucial thing that drives a thot onwards and onwards, besides attention and validation to feed her ego – is a steady flow of cash. And, gee, she ain’t got no time to earn her money. So she goes a-searching for her very own Billy the Beta. Now let’s meet Billy. Billy is a needy, clingy momma’s boy with a pretty thick wallet. She fell for the thot’s trap and lives in an illusion. He provides, buys her things and pays her expenses. He showers her with attention – yet one thing leaves him confused: How come he gets no pussy? So he thinks it’s his fault – and he goes and spends even more money on her. He is her walking ATM – a cash dispenser. And the circle goes on and on. But the guy who gets that poontang without any trouble at all – is You, Mr. Chad.

An Easy Choice
The matter is simple and straight forward. She wants a better catch. A self made man with success and abundance. A fulfilled man that will NEVER be affected by her whims and tricks. Be that guy. And just like that, stealing Billy the Beta’s woman will come naturally and without any effort at all – because she will swing to that higher branch on her own. But keep in mind that for her, it is a calculated risk – she needs to be sure that what she’s doing will be the right choice. So that’s why you too need to be sure that you got the goods. Yes, the saying “fake it til you make it” does work to every man’s advantage, but you too need to know your limits and your abilities. Start out easy and low, and as you raise your SMV and your value as a man, then you can proceed to game  high caliber thots. But in the end, it’s a thing that comes on its own. Trust and you’ll see how the fabric of life will unravel to your advantage – but only as you start self improving.

The Winner Takes the Prize
As we said recently, the world is sometimes a painfully simple place. It has no place for losers. And the modern losers are those who live in an illusion, afraid to leave their comfort zone and create a better version of themselves. Billy the Beta is the guy on the losing side. He has no face, no honor, no achievement and is respected by no one. His blindness left him swept under the rug, like an unpleasant memory that everyone wants to forget. Hopefully, Billy saw in all his loss that he needs to turn the page and start a dedicated and difficult path of creating a new version of himself. If not, he deserves all he earned. And who knows, if he finds it in himself to go all the way through, completely changing his views on the world and forgetting his blue pilled past, he might (and CAN) become the Chad that steals the women from some other Billy the Beta who lives in an illusion.
This paints us the image of the vicious world of human relationships, and portrays the never-ending cycle of improvement. When a person can learn from their mistakes, everything is forgiven and accepted.

We want to show our soft side here, and tell you to remember one thing: Stealing women from other men who deserve your respect is not a respectable thing to do. It can also lead to some considerable trouble. But branch swinging is a different thing, and in that case, just take what belongs to you. Either way, keep your wits about you and always have better priorities than chasing pussy and empty, faceless people.

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