Stop Focusing on Subpar Women

When I stand on a rooftop and look around the Manosphere in general and Black Manosphere in particular I see that there is a lot of focus on subpar women.   At least the women that a critical mass of men consider subpar.   Whether it’s single mothers with four children with five men (paternity fraud is a big issue), overweight women, feminists, or just generally unappealing women there is always a lot of discussion on men’s blogs and video platforms about the problems with the aforementioned women.   

            I believe some discussion is needed about these issues.   Men who are working to be productive in life need to know the pitfalls of the social-sexual landscape.   My only issue is that there is too much of a focus on these women.   Yes they exist but quality women exist as well.   I’ve seen blogs and videos that focus so much on the bad women that followers of these platforms without much life experience seem to believe that the good women that do exist are unicorns.   Indeed some women call themselves unicorns but that may be another article.   More balance is needed.  Allow me to explain.

            If men focus their sight on the bad women this is what they will see even in cases where the women may not necessarily be subpar.   For example a man might meet a woman who if given a chance would turn out to be an asset for him.   The problem, however, is that when the man meets the woman he may automatically assume that she has a gang of children somewhere, she is a secret feminist, or she has been run through by Pookie and Ray Ray.  

            You know I had to get Pookie and Ray Ray in there somewhere.  

            Men are too concerned with the bad ones and missing the good ones.   It’s really just a matter of perception.  People see what they expect to find.   Men need to get beyond only seeing the subpar women.   I have a few suggestions.

            The first thing men need to do is as best as possible remove themselves from environments where subpar women are likely to be.   In some cases this might mean they need to move out of the hood.   There are many men who complain about single mothers with multiple children from multiple fathers.   Women like this are generally going to be concentrated in poorer areas.   If the man doesn’t like his choices there simply get out of there.   If he has to work two jobs and keep his head low, get out of there.

            Even in more upscale environments where a man may encounter more educated women who are more intellectually combative a man doesn’t have to deal with them socially.   He may have to work or go to school with them but he can keep things professional while on job or in the academic environment.   Socially he is free to do as he pleases.   There is no law that says a man must deal with a subpar woman.

            Now even though I just wrote that a man doesn’t have to deal with a subpar woman socially we all know the truth.   Plenty of men deal with women with multiple children.  Plenty of men deal with combative women.   More than anything else a man has to look at himself in the mirror and ask himself why is dealing with subpar women.   

            If a man attracts and engages ten subpar women in a one year period he can complain about the women all he wants.   The only thing these women have in common is him.   He needs to ask what is it within himself that found these women attractive to begin with.   He needs to deal with his own mess.   He can start by not focusing on subpar women.

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