Stop Relying on Money to Get Women

That money thing.  That men thinking they need money to get women thing.  That Black men thinking they need money to get Black women thing.   I don’t know how many videos, blogs, coaching sessions, and private conversations I’ve had where I’ve told a man, a Black man, that he doesn’t need money to get a woman.   Most don’t believe me.   They think I’m crazy.  I can’t blame them.

I was on a relationship panel one time and a woman stood up, pointed to me and said, “All you men think you can just throw money at us.”  I calmly looked at her and told her that women take the money.   Even though I preach that money is not needed to get a woman they will certainly take it or allow a man to spend it on them.   Some women, being the acculturated prostitutes that they are, will sleep with the man providing the money.  Thus logically money works in that regard.    My thing is that it doesn’t work as well as men think it does.   Let me share a scenario with you.

So you have a woman we’ll call Beverly.   Beverly meets a man we’ll call Elmo.  Yes Elmo.  Beverly is only mildly attracted to Elmo.   She deals with him because he is willing to pay some of her bills and buy her things.   Plus he provides decent companionship.  The sex life is mediocre at best.  Elmo doesn’t seem to notice that Beverly isn’t enjoying the sex all that much.   He’s thinking that as long as he spends money he’s good to go.   Beverly, however, has another option for pleasure.   Enter Day-Day.

Yeah Day-Day.  Beverly isn’t with him because his name looks good on a resume.   Day-Day doesn’t have a car, home, or a job.  He sleeps on an air mattress at his Cousin Junior’s house.   Day-Day does have a muscular body build because a female trainer at a local gym lets him use the equipment in exchange for certain favors.   Day-Day knows how to make a woman scream, loudly and constantly.   Beverly doesn’t mind having sex on the air mattress or even the floor.   She doesn’t even mind when Cousin Junior hears them.

Men have to understand that if a woman wants to have sex with a man his social standing, finances, or living quarters do not matter.   When a woman has sex with a man they are buck naked.   His money can’t grab her booty.   His car can’t massage her breasts.   If he owns a business it doesn’t matter once the clothes come off.    At that point all that matters is if he can satisfy her.

Understand one thing with money and women.   Money, status, and material goods are not a woman’s priority when dealing with a man.   The priority is good sex.  Many women will divorce a man who has money to hang out in a rundown home with a broke man as long as he can satisfy her.   Women only settle for money.   The reason it seems otherwise is because most women know they will be shamed if they are upfront about their sexual desires.   So if they can’t get the man they sexually desire they settle for the man who can keep the bills paid.

What men have to do is realize a woman’s sexual nature.   That sexual nature isn’t dependent on the money in his pocket.   She wants or doesn’t want him depending on factors that don’t have to do with money.   Knowing this men need to focus on their body builds and their personalities.   Men have to stop leading with their wallets because in those cases they are not going to get the best sex from women.   Men have to get the idea that they need money to get women out of their minds.

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