Stop Simping for Beautiful Women

We all know that one brotha who is a serious player.  I mean dude is thorough.  My man got his paper right, got a little thug in him, and is always up in some female.   The females though won’t be a Dime.  More like a shiny nickel or an adjustable seven.   It’s cool though because the woman is very cooperative.   All his friends look up to him because he is…the man.   Until she walks onto the scene, Danielle, Danielle Dime.  She come walking up with a pretty face, her own hair, big shapely breastesses and a phat round booty with a hypnotic sway.   She glances at the thorough dude for two seconds with a look of practiced indifference.   Thorough Dude loses his mind.    We all the how the game goes from there.

Thorough Dude drops his loyal women in pursuit of Danielle.   This man who had women serving at his beck and call gets a new credit card out so he can take Danielle to a fancy seafood restaurant, a hot concert, and then to a hotel more upscale than Motel 6.    They get to the hotel and Danielle tells him she has to get to know him before any sex happens.   They lay on a bed holding each other.   After a few weeks that she is still getting to know him.   Thorough Dude tries even harder.  Even tells her he loves her even though he’s seen no parts of the pussy.  Danielle tells him “that’s cute” as she tells him about some bills that need to be paid.   Thorough Dude is simping so hard even his boys lose respect for him.

Farfetched scenario?  Not really.

Many men talk trash about simps and say they will never be one.   That seems like the case as long as the man is messing with average looking women.   Indeed many so-called players deal with women who are well acquainted with hearing the word “homely” applied to them.   These players turn into simps when that sexy woman steps into the picture.

The problem with many men is that it’s easy to say what they wouldn’t do for a woman when they are dealing with average women.   When presented with a top-notch woman they lose their damn mind.   Don’t believe me?  Check any social media account where a woman’s main calling card is showing her ass.   And don’t let her say something halfway profound.   Brothas lose their damn mind.   Let some pretty Black woman say on social media that Black men need to get their own businesses.  Brothas will praise that woman like she was Moses coming down from the mountain with a new set of commandments.   She could start a Go Fund Me account with the express purpose of buying a Coach bag and she would get so much money she could open a Coach boutique.

Beautiful women have so much power because men give it to them.   I knew a very beautiful young girl who didn’t need to drive because men would get up very early in the morning just to drive her to work.   Men twice her age would buy her whatever she wanted in hopes of getting sex from her.  The joke was on them though because she was a lesbian.   She would tell the men and they would still simp on her.

Beautiful women know their power and they use it.   When men get played they’ll get on social media and complain.   Men have to get out of that.  First of all though the woman may have a pretty face she’s still human.   She still has flaws.   On a practical level her vagina isn’t appreciably different from an ugly woman’s vagina.

The best way for a man to treat a beautiful woman is to treat her the same way he treats a homely woman.   A man knows he isn’t spending money on a homely woman or putting up with her crap.   Do that with a beautiful woman.   It does two things.   It makes you stand out from the other men simping on her.  It also makes her wonder if she is really that beautiful.

The key to this is to stop simping for a woman simply because she is beautiful.

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