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Azzholes in Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear

Our Red Pill Masked MENTALITY and ATTITUDE

In 2019, it’ll be a major violation to our Man Code to allow certified azzholes (we all have them causing havoc in our lives) in the workplace to verbally shake us off the path to success; therefore, we conscious disciples of the Negromanosphere, aka the Holy Temple, may have to respond straight gutta on ’em.

Hold up, though! Not gutta as in high-sticking a fool to the side of the neck but metaphorically speaking while properly masked up in a Red Pill mentality and attitude (see Feature Pic above).

Yes, this is for my fellow Red Pilled muh ph*ckas, my Brothers on their collective grind, stacking paper while putting ignorant, jealous and envious dream killers on iggy. That means ignore them but never take an eye off of them.

Been looking forward to dropping knowledge on this one, son; especially, for you recovering simpoholics. Being clean and sober myself since 2003, Marcus is including himself, see?

Nah mean? Uh-huh.

So let’s go

Now most of us will proudly self-proclaim ourselves as living that “alpha male” lifestyle but the cold hard truth of the matter is that most of us started out in simp mode, no matter how we snapped out of it (we all have our simp tales). Yeah, and you know this; however, comma, I’mma unite alpha and beta for once and for all because we all have one thing in common, regardless: dealing with azzholes on the job.

Be it in our private lives or, more commonly, in the workplace, there’s always that one bitch-made, passive-aggressive, smiling in your face while stabbing you in the back lame out to literally jerk you. Now our natural reaction is to go straight the ph*ck off, brutally chin checking the miserable soul on the spot but that’s laced in Massengill douche feminine behavior.

Yeah, now while that may feel good, us men don’t have the luxury of allowing ourselves to go the “full retard” emotional route like women; thus, risking being caught up with a felony case or worst, losing our employment or even our lives. Outside of the job, yeah, feel free to engage ole boy (who’s not a coworker or boss) but not where we get our money. Feel me?

Conversely, we opt to respond instead of reacting, still addressing our point without gambling on our ability to earn a living. Always remember that’s it better to concentrate on what we can control, and not stress over what’s beyond our control.

This applies to the blue collar worker to the white collar professional to the successful business owner. Not to come off like a broken record but we’re all we’ve got.

Likewise, our common enemy is yet another byproduct of feminism. No doubt, the weak males–they come in all hues–among us whom just can’t stand to witness our come up.

While they wallow in their pathetic, sissified, ball-less existance, their respective masculine girlfriends or wives are running the show. Think about that sh*t for a moment.

Wouldn’t that make you just as desperate, faking the funk while pretending to be a warrior when in reality you’z just a punk pushing an azzhole agenda? So, the only so-called power they think they have is on the job.

Ooh, and don’t let them be in a supervisory postition because that’s when they really nut up. Sounding familiar now?

How to respond

I’m glad you asked. Now when responding to a puzzy (I refuse to call him a man), especially while slaving on the time clock, keep yourself in check.

Breathe, my man. Breathe.

Not to oversimplify but it works. Just like any pre-workout at the gym or outdoor run, deep breathing along with stretching, gets your mind and body ready to sweat and build.

Well, this same method applies when dealing with the azzhole at work. While others take a smoke break, you’ll take an azzhole break via a brisk walk (if it’s raining or snowing, man up and do it anyway) and/or find a private, quiet place to meditate or pray; thus, maintaining your sanity throughout the day.

Next, get everything in writing. Hence, the benefits of saving each email into an electronic folder (print hardcopies for your records) for later use just in case things go left, and you’ll have documented proof to show the human resources department.

Another method, though you’ll feel the same pain when swallowing the Red Pill, is to hang in there and strategically cope with the daily situation via what I call a psyhcological campaign of communication however, if you just can’t take the BS any longer, leave but, of course, not before getting another job.

Finally, if you haven’t already done so, continue to fellowship with your Red Pill Brothers via social media. You know who our heavy hitters are: The Brother Pill Podcast, BGS IGMOR, and Black Ram 313, “because you know this is therapeutic, man!”

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