Strip Club Game Part One: What you should know & what you need

Those of you who have watched, listened, and read me over the years know that I’ve made the egregious mistake of dating more strippers than I care to admit. During my time in Vegas I dated about a half a dozen of them and everyone of them without exception cheated on me. Big shock there.

Funny thing is even post red pill awakening I had the audacity to feel betrayed and surprised that a woman would DO such a thing! How dare she cheat on me with a bouncer! How dare she be dishonest with me! You get the point.

So we all know never to commit to strippers and even when I learned about the true nature of women it still took me making the same mistake almost a half a dozen times for it to finally stick.

However, strippers do have their utilities the main one being their hotness. Not only do they elevate your sexual market value when other girls see you with them, you can attract, yet, more strippers by virtue of preselection.

One stripper sees you fucking another stripper and you’re automatically signed off on by that stripper. You get with stripper number 2 and stripper numbers 3 and 4 see you and think the same thing, and so on and so forth. The momentum builds itself.

And by the way, if there are any women reading this who are thinking “well if I saw you with a stripper I wouldn’t think you were attractive at all!” Is that right? And how exactly would you know she’s a stripper if we’re walking down the street? How would you know she’s a stripper if you saw us at a store?

You wouldn’t. All you would see is a man who acts like he owns the place walking around with an extremely attractive woman and you would instantly get turned on. The only reason you’d even think to say to yourself “She must be a stripper” is because you think you’re more deserving of me than she is which means you’re turned on. So miss me with that nonsense.

Anyway, those who have listened to me also know that I’ve fucked more strippers than the average man. After I finally figured out through my own hard headedness that you should never date them, that didn’t stop me from wanting to fuck some of the best looking women around.

And again…miss me with that “Strippers aren’t the best looking women around!” bullshit. If they weren’t they wouldn’t have men literally throwing thousands of dollars in cash at them every night. Men don’t throw money at women they don’t want to fuck. It’s as simple as that.

Now I wanna let you guys know a few things up front:

#1 – There are no guarantees. You can do everything I tell you to the tee and not so much as sniff the pussy of a stripper. Luck is as much a factor as anything and any man who has success with strippers will tell you exactly the same thing. All I can do is help you to increase your odds of success.

#2 – This is next level game: You simply cannot be a novice with women and waltz into a strip club and start pickin’ out bitches to fuck. Unless you’re a professional athlete there is no “point and click” game involved here. You’ve gotta work for it and that involves being Red Pill aware and have plenty of years of success with beautiful women under your belt.

#3- This shit ain’t for the feint of heart: Like Bizzare said in Pimp Like Me this is some straight G shit. This is gonna involve shit you’ve probably never done in your life like divorcing feelings from pretty girls so if you’re the kind of guy who still catches feelings for hot girls this ain’t for you…not yet anyway.

And listen,  I’m not gonna judge you guys for that. We’ve all been there. Myself included. I’ve been played by strippers I caught feelings for. I’ve been cheated on by a shitload of pretty girls so I get it. It’s not easy to learn to divorce your feelings from pretty girls. But only when you do can you utilize what I’m going to tell you today to your advantage.

#4- This is gonna take some time: You’re not gonna waltz into a strip club a few weekends in a row and start banging strippers. You need to understand that above all, this is going to take a lot of time and a lot of money. I talked about this in episode 319 of my podcast entitled “Building a harem is a full time job.”

So you heard the figure $1500 which is true but what I DIDN’T talk about was the money and time I spent BEFORE I scored my cocaine connect. You think I just tip the bouncers a C-note twice and I automatically get up in there? No sir. I was there just about every weekend for about 3 months and the reason it didn’t take longer is because I had access to good drugs which leads me to the next section which is what you’ll need.

#5 – Most strippers are also prostitutes:There’s rarely a stripper who only makes her money on the pole and doing lap dances.

Go to the back of any Vegas strip club where all the private rooms are and you’re guaranteed to hear fucking. That’s because just about every stripper turns tricks to supplement her income.

Any stripper who tells you she makes $10,000 a night is either a featured dancer or she’s fuckin’ 2, 3 dudes a night. The reason this is significant is that strippers catch STDs all the time. Herpes, gonorrhea, syphilis, etc.

Some strippers charge extra to let customers raw dog them. Most of them don’t allow that but a lot of them do and those are the ones who are catching STDs every other month.

One stripper told me of a certain girl who had clamydia at least 3 times a year. Whether that was an exaggeration or not, I stayed away from her. I did lines with her but I never fucked her.

So keep your ear to the ground. Talk to the bouncers about which strippers double as escorts and prostitutes. Talk to the other strippers about which strippers turn tricks. They’ll air out all their coworkers dirty laundry and all it takes is a couple of lines of blow and an inquiry and she’ll sing like a fucking canary.

Now that you understand what’s really going on, let’s get to what you’re gonna need:

#1 – Hard drugs

And let me go ahead and give this disclaimer: I am neither advocating nor am I endorsing the use or purchase of illegal drugs. I am merely advising  you of one of the elements that is necessary to strip club game. What you do with this advice is 100% your responsibility. (Just say no to drugs!)

Now that I’ve disclaimed any and all responsibility for any dumb shit you guys will or will not do, let’s be crystal clear in terms of the kinds of hard drugs you’ll need: I’m not talking about weed. Weed is legal just about everywhere now and everybody has access to it.

I’m talking about meth, cocaine, heroin…..the heavy shit. The kind of shit that can and will get you locked up of you get caught with it. Listen guys, this takes money and time but like a lot of things in life that everybody wants, it’s gonna take some risk.

And don’t get it twisted guys… absolutely need drugs. There’s a saying with guys who have an in with strip clubs and strippers and that saying is “money talks, drugs SHOUT!!!” Money is important and you’ll definitely need that. But you need drugs too.

Strippers LOVE to party and even though they love money, they’ve got a line of Men giving them money all night. What they DON’T always have is dudes who bring in that high grade cocaine that hasn’t been stepped on 10 times and makes your entire face go numb when you put a little on your tongue. Do not try and give strippers low quality drugs. They’ll laugh you out of the club.

#2 – Money

There’s no free lunch guys especially with strip clubs. And I’m not talking about money for strippers. They’re the LAST people who’s palms you need to grease. The money is for the bouncers, the DJ, the bartenders….the guys who have access to these girls all the time. THOSE are the guys you give $100 handshakes to and we’ll get into this in Part 2.

The point is that you have to have deep pockets to establish your value to the club.

#3 – Hot girls

Strippers are people too. They’re not aliens or some other worldly beings. They’re people. Granted, they’re people who look better than 95% of the population and there are a different set of rules when it comes to dealing with them in public, but they still abide by the same biological markers as the rest of the female population not the least of which is preselection.

Strippers aren’t going to want to fuck you if they don’t see you with hot girls and that’s all there is to it. Earlier I talked about banging one stripper and other strippers seeing you and so forth. But you don’t just start banging strippers. You have to show them that you’re used to being around girls who look like them. Girls who have equal or greater sexual market value than they do.

Most guys who get thrown out of strip clubs are guys who aren’t used to being around hot girls. They go completely to pieces and start doing dumb shit like grabbing their asses or tits without their permission. Next thing you know they get their orbital bone cracked and banned from a club.

And if you’re banned from one you’re banned from them all in that area. Club owners and bouncers talk gentlemen. Strippers from other clubs talk. So if you think you can grab a stripper’s ass then waltz into a club a block away next week think again. They’ll know exactly who you are so keep your head about you.

Anyway, you’ve gotta have hot girls with you EVERY SINGLE TIME you go and make sure your girl is ready to do you favors and we’ll get into that in Part 2 as well.

Now some guys are probably thinking “Well where do I get hot girls?” This is where time and game come into play and is exactly why I told you in the beginning of this article that this is next level game and that this is gonna take some time.

To get hot girls you need game. Developing the kind of game that gives you access to hot girls takes time This is Red Pill 101. To get hot girls you have to be a man of value who knows how to handle hot girls. It’s that simple.

In Part 2, I’ll discuss the dos and don’ts about strip club game. Happy hunting gents.

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