Strip Club Game Part Two: Dos and Don’ts

Last week I covered what you should know about strip club game and what you need to get started. Today I’m going to talk about the dos and don’ts of strip club game.

#1 – You have got to take care of the bouncers

These dude are the keys to the kingdom

No, I’m not talking about slipping them a 20 every so often. I’m talking about slipping him a hundred dollar bill EVERY SINGLE TIME you’re there.

Bouncers are the key to strip club game. They are the gatekeepers. Without them, you’re not getting anywhere. Taking care of your bouncers are, by far and away, the most important element of strip club game.

And don’t insult bouncers by slippin’ em a c-note the first time you’re at the club and ask “So which strippers are the best?” That’s a fucking insult. He’s gonna take your money and think “Who the fuck is this guy trying to get in good with me for only $100 bucks? Fuck this guy” Then he’ll TELL you “yeah Alex is the best” then you go in and find out Alex is the DJ.

Don’t insult these guys, gentlemen. You HAVE to take good care of them and it takes more than money and I’ll give you an example:

The first time you go to the strip club, make sure you have the hot girl with you. Make sure she’s dressed provocatively as in cleavage, short skirt, heels, the whole 9. You walk up with your girl, give the bouncer that $100 handshake, look him in the eye and say “I’m Donovan, this is my friend Katie and she’s very friendly”

Now you have his attention. I’ve done this PLENTY of time guys and it is absolutely CRITICAL to strip club game.

Not only does he now know you’re gonna take care of him financially, you’re also going to take care of him in other ways.  By telling him that your hot female companion is friendly he’ll know exactly what your talking about which is: “When the time comes to return a favor you do for me in the not too distant future, as in getting me in with the owner and the strippers, Katie here make sure you’re well rewarded for taking good care of me”

And if you show up with a DIFFERENT girl the next week you’ll increase your value.

You can’t show up with a 6 or 7. Bouncers have expensive tastes in women because they’re around 9s and 10s all the time. If you introduce your plain Jane girlfriend he’s gonna be like “I don’t give a fuck how friendly she is, I ain’t fuckin’ her”

She’ll definitely fuck your bouncer for you

This is why you have to have access to hot girls. And when you’re in with that strip club, you can take other strippers to other strip clubs and introduce them to other bouncers. And a lot of times they’ll recognize the strippers you’re with and that will shorten the process this time around. Rinse and repeat.

Bouncers are the key guys. And if you are consistent, you’ll have the bouncers on your side which bodes very well for you. He knows that every time he sees you, he’s gonna get $100, and another opportunity to build rapport with your hot lady friend you bring every single time. After a few weeks he’ll be looking for you and you’ll know this because he’ll tell you “I was wondering when you were gonna get here.”

So now you’ve gone from $100 hand shakes to $100 handshakes, dapping each other up, having a short conversation, building rapport, and building a relationship which is PARAMOUNT.

6 to 8 weeks after your first visit, NOW you can slip him a c-note, bring him in for that bro hug and whisper in his ear “So do any of these girls like to party?”

He’s gonna say to you “I’ll come find you later” and when he does he’s gonna give you the entire rundown. Why? Because to this point you’ve tipped him nearly $1000 and he knows that if he delivers he’s gonna get to fuck your hot friend Katie. PLUS, when he puts in a the word for you with the strippers, he’ll let THEM know you’ve got party favors which means drugs.

Just like you told him your lady friend was very friendly, he’s gonna tell the strippers that you like to party. Everybody wins.

This is classic Quid Pro Quo guys. Take care of your bouncers and your bouncers will take care of you.

Speaking of your hot friend Katie let’s go to #2…

#2 – Select your trade currency carefully

You’ve gotta find a girl who likes to party (which means drugs), and who doesn’t mind fucking other guys for you. Yes, you have to find a hot girl to turn out.

I’ve done this so many times I’ve lost count guys. I’ve had my fuck buddies fuck my friends, I’ve had ‘em fuck bouncers, club owners, DJs you name it. I’ve scored tons of free shit from drugs, to services, to goods by exchanging my currency, which is my hot friend, for these assets.

And do not get it twisted guys….there are a lot more girls out there than you realize who will fuck other guys for you provided you run air tight pimp game AND you offer her something in return like drugs, access to parties etc.

Your girl won’t turn tricks for you for nothing. Just like strippers have to pay the bouncers, the D.J. and the owner, you also have people to take care of which are your bouncers and your trade currency.

Bring her to parties, give her drugs, take her out to dinner, let her tag along when you go to L.A.

No, you’re never gonna catch feelings for her. You’re only doing this in exchange for her services which is taking care of the Men that take care of you.

You can also have threesomes with these girls. Just about every girl I’ve turned out I’ve had a threesome with. If they’re willing to suck another man’s dick for you, they’re more than willing to lick another woman’s pussy while you’re ass fucking her. Tit for tat (pun intended)

So while it’s important to take care of your bouncers, it’s equally important to take care of your lady friends.

Again, this is next level game guys. You have to learn to divorce your feelings from good looking women to do this effectively and like I said before, this is why this takes time.

So you always need to be ready to trade your girl for access to other girls. A lot of times bouncers will approach YOU. I’ve had a handful of bouncers tell me after only a couple of weeks “Hey, I like your friend. Tell me what I can do for you.” And I acted accordingly.

Okay now let’s talk about the don’ts which are always more important than the dos

#1 – Never become a customer

He will never fuck her for free

Once a customer always a customer. And once you’re a customer you’ll never get to fuck her without paying her. Don’t pay for a lap dance, don’t pay for private dance, don’t even pay for drinks. Pay for drinks at the bar.

The minute even a dollar travels from your hand to hers, you’re a customer and strippers don’t fuck customers who don’t pay. You’re tryna fuck for free.

#2 – Never date her before you fuck her

No you should never date strippers but I know of a lot of guys with air tight game who still get roped in. It will take them a few times to learn this is a bad idea….just like I did.

But if you absolutely must commit to one, NEVER commit until you fuck her first

You guys know my stance on girls….never feed ‘em before you fuck ‘em. Same goes with strippers. So many guys get an in with a strip club, they get access to the girls, one of them picks up beta traits and gets her talons in him.

Next thing you know they’re “boyfriend and girlfriend” and they haven’t even fucked yet. Believe me guys this happens a lot more than you might think.

#3 – Never go to the strip club when there are ballers there

You’re not competing with James Harden

When the Cavaliers won the NBA title back in ‘16, they came straight to Vegas after Game 7. You think they went to Grimaldi’s and ate pizza all night? Fuck no, they hit the strip club and ran a train on every one of those pole dancers and I can guarantee you that those girls made more that night than they ever had or ever will.

Anyone else who was there got zero play from any of the girls.

If you live in a big city, don’t go to strip clubs when professional athletes are there….especially NBA and NFL guys. They’re all in the top 1% of physique and have more money than you could ever dream of and none of us are competing with that.

Make sure you ask your bouncer if Pro athletes like to frequent that club and to shoot you a text if he hears anything.

Now keep in mind that Professional athletes don’t send out an itenerary to strip clubs that say “we’re coming out there at midnight” They do it on a whim.

So make sure you check your calendars and make sure you’re not out when pro athletes are in town.

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