How to style the perfect pair of kicks for a music festival

A pair of dope kicks can be brought if you have the right cash but matching it with the rest of your outfit requires a solid sense of fashion. Obviously, not everyone was born with that so we decided to help out every sneaker fan that’s heading to a music festival and doesn’t have a clue what to wear during the event.

Here are some fashion essentials to style the perfect pair of kicks while attending any music festival.

1) The essentials

  • Be comfortable

The first thing you need to be aware of is that most music festival last for more than just one night and there’s a lot of walking between the scenes. In order for you to last until the end you should dress in comfortable clothes so don’t miss out on bucket hats, caps, shorts, joggers, shirts, and hoodies.

All the items named previously can be styled with a pair of kicks so if you have any in your wardrobe, be sure to pack them.

  • Bring backup shoes

For sneaker heads, the best advice we can give you is bring at least one pair of backup shoes because there’s going to be a lot of stomping on your feet and a lot of walking to do. It would be a shame to ruin your best pair just to show off but that doesn’t mean you should leave them home either.

You can switch from your A game to your spare pair every time you need to.

  • Bring backup clothes

Just like we mentioned previously, music festivals last for a few consecutive days so you need to pack backup clothes. You can shop locally but why spend money on stuff that you already have. The best plan would be to wear joggers or shorts and a hoodie when you’re traveling and switch on to high fashion while visiting the city.

For your festival attendance you should alternate between both styles, depending on your plans for the event.

2) The basics

There are three basic principles you should stick to when it comes to sneakers:

  • Buy kicks that suit your wardrobe and vice versa

This one shouldn’t be that hard to figure out: if you’re rocking the latest fashion, match it with the latest releases and if you’re rocking retro kicks, buy some clothes that suit them.

Combining both will come with some strange results.

  • Match the kicks with the event you’re attending

Just like Yeezy’s don’t belong on the basketball court, wearing the wrong pair of kicks for certain events will make you stand out, but not in a good way.

Pick the right shoes for the event you’re attending are remember that white kicks are always a savior!

  • Keep’em clean!

Cleaning kits and wet napkins will save the day for you, no doubts about it. Even a pair of cheap kicks that are clean can make a decent impression and help you through the day.

  • Don’t take the L

This should be the number one rule: don’t be that person that wears Nike with Adidas.

Just pick a brand and stick to it.

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