Successful Black Men Must Be Picky About Sex Partners

Key to success

There are many men who think if they work hard and become successful they will be in a position to become players.   They believe that all of sudden they will have a harem of women at their beck and call.   That is indeed the case for many men.   I don’t agree with that line of reasoning.   A successful man or as the case may be, a man on the path to success cannot simply be out here having indiscriminate sex with any woman.   Indeed dealing with multiple women is the reason why many men have not made it to the promised land of success.   A man on the path to success needs to limit his sex partners to only a few quality women.   Even better if the man can find that one right woman.   There are several reason why I feel this way.

There’s a saying I like to use, “Men make love to a woman’s body but women make love to a man’s mind.”   Understand that on some level that sex is a game of power.   I know there’s people who promote the idea of this mutually beneficial, pleasurable bliss that is shared between two people.   That sounds good.   Might happen on a large scale in a thousand years once humanity evolves a little more.  Right now though sex is a power game.   The man typically wants to dominate a woman physically.  Indeed women tend to be more orgasmic when this happens.   Most women can’t dominate a man physically.    A woman will try to dominate emotionally.

Women will try to get inside a man’s head in order to get her way on some matters.   That’s why a smart woman will wait until night to ask a man to do something on her behalf.  Beforehand she will feed him a great dinner while wearing a short skirt and heels.  She will rock his world in the bedroom.   When a man is nice and relaxed his mental defenses are down and she can get anything she wants out of him.

Now this isn’t a bad thing if the woman wants what the man wants.   She wants him to be successful because she knows that she will be the one who will benefit.  A woman like this is a blessing.   Unfortunately most women don’t have any vision beyond having a place to sleep and food in their belly.   That’s why you have several generations of single mother led families in poor areas.    A man on the path to success will be sabotaged by a woman who doesn’t share his vision.   The reason is that on a deep subconscious level men have a need to please the women in his life.  It is what it is.  He will only go as high as the women in his life will tolerate.   It is better for a man be by himself than deal with a woman who will emotionally bring him down.

Another factor to consider is the sex factor.    Napoleon Hill in his landmark book, “Think and Grow Rich,” noted that sexual energy is the force that propels men to great heights.   The key to that energy is an attractive woman who is able to arouse a man and is equally great in bed.   Two issues.  One, many women are not that attractive.  Two, even more women are lousy in bed.   Let’s deal with that attractiveness factor.

Men are aroused by visual stimuli.   A woman with an optimal physique can put us into a trance.   What happens when a man aroused is that his generation of testosterone increases.  This hormone is what gives men their aggressive edge and their willingness to take action.   If a man isn’t turned on by a woman then he will not generate as much testosterone.   He will be less aggressive.   A successful Black man needs that aggression to succeed.   Too many men deal with less than attractive women because they are available.   This actually hurts the man in the long run.  It’s the real cause of erectile dysfunction.

Connected with the attractive piece is a woman being lousy in bed.   Even if the woman is reasonably attractive if she is uninspiring in bed that can kill a man’s drive in and out of the bedroom.   He might not think so at first but this will bear out over the long term.

The bottom is that a man on the path to success needs to only deal with the most attractive women who will fully support his journey.   A man should only do otherwise if he wants to live an ordinary life.

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