Surprise, surprise…Amber Rose can’t find a man

On April 20th, MTO News published an article discussing why Amber Rose is upset about men not taking her seriously:

Amber Rose has made a name for herself – as a proud and open social media “THOT.” According to Amber, there’s nothing wrong with being open sexually. In fact she embraces it – by referring to herself as a “slut”.

Amber also promotes female s*xual promiscuity in her annual “Slut Walk”.

Well now, 34 year old, Amber is starting to recognize the DOWNSIDE of being a public THOT. Look at what she said on social media yesterday. Apparently she’s having trouble finding a man who will take her seriously.

Let’s take a look at what Ms. Rose put on social media that lead MTO News to correctly assess that this proud slut is starting the feel the effects of open promiscuity:

“I want people to like me for me again!”

Hos are funny aren’t they? They spend years sucking cock and taking loads from this nigga and that, then all of a sudden when those same men want nothing to do with her because of her slutty behavior, now she wants people to like her for “her.”

Amber Rose was a stripper at the age of 15 years old. She knows damn well nobody ever liked her because of her sparkling personality. They pretended to give a shit about her because they were trying to fuck her or were already fucking her.

Thots have a funny way of rationalizing being liked for everything but what they’re actually liked for which is their pussies. And when father time comes to collect his debt, they want to be looked at as human beings rather than a piece of meat.

Amber wants people to like her for things other than sex because her sexual allure is disappearing right before our very eyes. That’s right, gentlemen, Amber Rose has hit the wall and she knows it. And demanding that people (men in particular) respect her after years of cock hopping is something all hos do when they know their attractiveness is quickly dwindling.

“The internet made me do it!”

So the internet made you do it, is that it? The internet made you fuck a bunch of rappers and let ’em skeet in you? The internet made you go to all the slut walks? The internet made your bad choices?

Women are always quick to shift the blame away from themselves. “I’m a ho because people said mean things about me on the internet.” Fuck outta here with that nonsense. Amber Rose was a slut because it was easy and she wanted to be. Just like all women do.

“But I don’t wanna pay the price!”

Slutty Nurse Ms. Rose here is complaining about the cost of fame and fortune and chastising her critics for pointing out the truth. Again, she’s showing typical female behavior here wanting the benefit without the cost.

Women want to be thin, but don’t want to hit the gym and watch their diets. They want power and influence without having to do any of the work it takes to acquire these things. They want good relationships without having to give up habits that are conducive to infidelity (i.e. texting their exes, “girls night out”, etc.).

Sluts don’t deserve love

Women who give up their pussies to dozens of men do not deserve love and it’s as simple as that. Amber Rose would have us believe that people are wrong about whether or not she deserves love on the presumption that she does simply because she thinks she does.

Well, the “evil internet” gets it right again, and Amber knows it. The truth hurts.

“I didn’t choose this life”

When women actually admit that they’re sluts, they indirectly acknowledge it’s inherent stench by trying to convince everyone (and themselves) that they didn’t choose to be sluts. Now we know Rose is talking about her fame…at least that’s what she wants us to believe. But if you read between the lines she’s trying to tell us “It’s not my fault I’m a slut. I didn’t choose to be a slut. The slut life chose me!”

Being a ho is easier than breathing. All a woman has to do is decide she wants to cock hop and she can do it. Indirectly telling everyone that you didn’t choose to suck and fuck niggas into the hundreds is typical blame shifting behavior.

“I was raped!”

You can almost set your watch to it can’t you? Meet and fuck enough sluts and you’ll find out that just about all of them have been “raped.” Yes I’m using air quotes because every ho has a rape story.

Amber is trying to paint herself as the victim here by bringing in something that has nothing to do with her plight but will shift the conversation to “Poor innocent Amber Rose! She was raped so we should give her a pass!”

Whether or not she was really raped is anybody’s guess but it’s not surprising that she pulled the ho card known as the rape card to exonerate herself of her past behavior and reputation. And as we all know, most public rape accusations are false anyway.

When all else fails, double down

So now that she knows she’s past the point of no return because her looks are fading and that she’s been correctly typecast as a slut, she’s going to continue to do what landed her in the predicament in the first place. What choice does she have?


In her closing statement she attempts to martyr herself by appointing herself the punching bag for all slut shamers. How heroic…

In the end…

…Amber Rose is as clueless as any slut out here. She cannot for the life of her figure out why men won’t take a woman who’s past the wall seriously even though she’s let a bunch of niggas raw dog her into submission.

At some point she’ll admit that maybe she shouldn’t have been a THOT all these years but she’ll never admit it out loud. She’ll admit it to her tear soaked pillow as she lays down alone for yet another night.

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