May 8, 2018 Tony Maceo 0

As the world melts down over the statements of Kanye West, we fail to ask the most important question: is he right? Yes! he is. Although Kanye’s statements raise the most important question, it doesn’t […]

Black Community

Caro Kann-The Story of Robert F. Williams

January 30, 2018 Tony Maceo 2

Turn the Tables: The Counterattack Strategy. Moving first shows your opponent your strategy. Wait; draw them to make the first move. Analyze their strategy and counterattack based on the weaknesses they reveal.-Robert Greene 33 Strategies of […]

The Boss
Black Community

The Boss & The Side Piece

January 23, 2018 Tony Maceo 0

In 1967, Betty Spates was a just another 17-yr old black teen who had come up to Memphis from Mississippi. She was one generation removed from the demeaning sharecropping system of the Jim Crow South. […]

Black Community

The True King

January 15, 2018 Tony Maceo 2

“Only a dry as dust religion will expound on the ethereal glories of heaven while denying the social misery that cause man an earthly hell.”-Martin Luther King Jr.   Well it’s that time again. Time […]

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