Dating Tips

In Defense Of Fresh & Fit

January 10, 2022 Mumia Ali 0

“Freedom is the right of all sentient beings.” -Optimus Prime “Well, that’s another fine mess you’ve gotten us into!” -Abbott & Costello The infamous dynamic duo of Myron Gaines and Walter Weeks – better known […]


The Black Beauty Deficit

November 8, 2021 Mumia Ali 0

  “As Black women’s dress sizes go up, Black men’s marriage proposals go down.” -Kevin Samuels, aka “Samuels Scissors” As of this writing in early November, there was a spate of articles and human interest […]

Game For Men

Feminista Jones’ “I’m A Ph.D.!” Moment

November 24, 2020 Mumia Ali 0

“I’ve got one that can SEE!” John Carpenter’s “They Live” She’s baaack…just when I thought that Ms. Millennium Falcon Butt herself – the self-styled “Feminista Jones” – would waddle off into the sunset, here she […]

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