Talk About Business Like You Talk About Women

By Hasani Ali

What you put your energy towards directly reflects what is important in your life. When I worked in the mortgage industry, you could tell a lot about a person based on their bank statements.

Same thing when it comes to YouTube.

From all the comments, super chats and livestreams, we can tell that a lot of brothers are focused on female demeanor in the Black community.

Trust me, I was one of them.

My previous work on the Negromanosphere was all about having my say about female fuckery. Not that I wanted to put a microscope to it, but rather exonerate a certain type of men who get blamed for the crimes of other men.

Entertaining as it was, the evident conclusion is that women are stuck in their ways—because it benefits them. No matter how many dialogues, debates and discussions we have, the women in our community are comfortable with the current environment. How much more can you beat on a dead horse when there’s nothing else to crush?

Now let’s direct that energy towards making money!

I’ve been a subscriber to Oshay Duke Jackson for five years now. As much as I have been entertained, I have learned so much from so many business people.

Instead of the black women ain’t sh*t rhetoric, the conversation is now geared towards marketing to black women and hiring attractive black women to negotiate business deals with other men.

To get better in other aspects in our life, we must consume the mediums that will provide the information needed to get us to the next level.

A lot of us brothers don’t excel in life because we work the bare minimum and play around with our spare time.

Again, I was one of them.

Until I set the goal for myself to make $80K a year, I was stuck making $13/hour, playing the Xbox, watching television, eating junk food and spending my nights chatting it up on YouTube videos in the comment section.

I still play Xbox, but nowhere near as much.

If you have a passion to increase your finances, find those inspiring influences who can help you take the next steps.

Any successful person can tell you that the grind isn’t easy and the road to the top gets very lonely. Yet, financial success and influence awaits at the end of your journey.

You have to start somewhere. Let’s get serious about chasing our dreams. Nobody will take you seriously until you take yourself seriously.

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